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King Legacy: How to Awaken Ice Fruit

King Legacy: How to Awaken Ice Fruit

King Legacy is a Roblox game developed by Thai Piece that has gained much popularity among fans of the anime and manga series, One Piece. The game offers an exciting adventure that allows players to immerse themselves in the world of One Piece and engage in thrilling battles against enemies. One of the unique features of King Legacy is the ability to discover and awaken devil fruits, which grant players special abilities and powers. In this guide, we will focus on the Ice fruit and provide tips on how to awaken it in King Legacy.

King Legacy: Ice Fruit Awakening Guide

Hie Hie No Mi, also known as Ice fruit, is a popular Logia-type devil fruit. In the original One Piece anime and manga, Aokiji, one of the three marine admirals, used the power of Ice fruit. As players might guess from its name, Ice fruit gives you the ability to freeze enemies. If you are new to the game and dodging seems complicated, Ice fruit is one of the best options for you.

How to Awake Ice Fruit

To awaken Ice fruit, you must equip the Ice fruit and have a Physical version of the same fruit in your hand. Next, go to Viridans in the Second Sea and talk to the Awake Master. You will then have to fight the Ice Awakening boss and defeat it. The Ice Awakening boss has 1.5 million health and is one of the strongest opponents in the game.

After defeating the Ice Awakening boss, talk to Awake Master to awaken your Ice fruit moves. You will have to spend some gems to get your moves awakened. It costs a total of 650 gems to awake all Ice fruit moves in King Legacy.

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How to Get Ice Fruit in King Legacy


You will first have to obtain the Ice fruit in order to awaken it. There are three ways to get Ice fruit in King Legacy:

1) Gacha

Gacha is an NPC on the starter island in King Legacy. You can purchase a random devil fruit from Gacha in exchange for 250,000 Beli. Ice fruit is an Epic devil fruit, and these only have a 14% drop rate.

2) Black Market

Like Gacha, Black Market is another NPC that sells devil fruits. You can find this NPC on Starter island, Bubble island, and Floresco town. You can use beli and gems to buy devil fruits from Black Market.

3) Spawn

You can wait under a tree to get the spawned devil fruit. In King Legacy, a random devil fruit spawns every hour and despawns after 30 minutes.

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King Legacy: How to Awaken Ice Fruit


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