King Crusher Cheats: Tips & Guide to Make a Strong Team and Win All Encounters

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These King Crusher tips and cheats we are going to share with you in today’s article will help you will all your battles with ease, and put together a complete team of super duper strong champions!

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If you ever wanted to face a big toad or a… target dummy… then this game definitely will surprise you with almost every turn you take. From fun and unexpected encounters to ninjas fighting alongside barbarians (thankfully no pirates there, because we all know pirates and ninjas don’t get along) you can choose your heroes and ask them to aid you in battles!

So, without further ado, let’s get right into the King Crusher tips and tricks!

Complete achievements for gems

In King Crusher, achievements are like missions. There are three for every level, and like in most games where you get three-stars per level completed perfectly, here, you can complete all the three achievements for that “3-star rating”. The rewards are always gems, and that’s great because they will help add up to your Incantations.

I suggest always reading what the achievements are before you start the level, because like that you will know what to keep an eye on and what to do in order to complete them and earn more gems.

Also, don’t forget that if you pass a level with three achievements completed, then you should also watch an ad to double those gems received. It’s not really worth watching an ad to double the gems if you only complete 1 or 2 achievements, but hey, you do whatever you like, it’s your game!

Learn when to move 

Moving in this game is pretty much like a slide puzzle where the warriors are the puzzle pieces. You will need to slide them from left to right, back and forth a number of times in some fights, because that’s just how you’re supposed to battle it right!

Moving is not mandatory in all of the fights, but sometimes you will be facing enemies that fight back, and fight hard. You can (and we recommend to) dodge their skills as often as you can, because they can seriously injure your fighters. 

Assemble a team

You have 12 (yeah, that’s right, twelve!) classes you can choose your heroes from! Each of the classes has 6 different leaders, 2 of each rarity: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The kind of team you have will be heavily influenced by them and the rarer they are, the better!

You can obtain new leaders from Incantation, so I suggest doing so whenever you have collected enough gems. There are four types of incantation:

Apprentice Incantation (50 gems): 100% Bronze leader

Skilled Incantation (200 gems): 72% Bronze leader, 24% Silver leader, 4% Gold leader

Expert Incantation (1000 gems): 75% Silver leader, 25% Gold leader

Master Incantation (2500 gems): 100% Gold leader.

I strongly suggest saving gems for the Master Incantation, as that will be the most rewarding of them all, giving you a Gold leader 100%. If you don’t want to wait until you have gathered 2500 gems however, you can try your luck with the other incantations!

Watch videos for gold and gems

After some fights you will have the option to watch an ad to double or triple your earnings. It’s a good place to start if you want to quickly gather those gems and lots of gold. It will only take 30 seconds to watch that ad, but the rewards are well worth it. I suggest doing so whenever you have the possibility!

Choose wisely during events

During some battles you will encounter various bosses, monsters, and sometimes events. Those will give you several options to choose from, usually following this pattern:

– one option that will grant you some coins, but you will have to battle a monster

– one option that will grant you nothing, but you can simply pass through that tile (no monster encounters)

– one option that will appear sometimes (kinda like a “special event”) and is highlighted in blue. This one you can only complete if you have the requirements (for example a mage in your team) and is all based on RNG. Basically you will roll a dice and either be blessed with the reward and leave with full HP, or fight and have some HP deducted.

It’s all up to you in those events, but if you prefer a safe way, then go for the “leave” option. If you need to complete some Achievements (that require you to have X amounts of coins or heal X amounts) then you might want to go for the encounters, since they will ensure you complete these if done properly.

Open the treasure box for gems!

In the main window, you will notice next to the king’s throne there is a big and mysterious treasure chest. If you open that box you can earn lots of gems! Also, if you watch an advertisement once you’ve opened it, the gems will double! It’s super important you do so here, since that’s going to help you collect all those gems needed for the Master Incantation.

Learn the monsters’ and boss’ attack patterns

Whenever you fight, you will be on a 3×3 tileset that remains unchanged throughout the whole game. You will see that some things will change depending on the levels, from obstacles appearing between tiles to make your movements more difficult, to tiles completely blocked.

Really, in such situations it’s best if you first assess your environment and then head on into the fight, because you can’t really win if you don’t know how and where it is safe to move around.

For all of the bosses though you will see a mark on the tile or tiles that they will attack. These attacks can spread to multiple tiles (such as explosions from bombs, that affect all characters in a + shape) or remain on a single tile. Some bosses have longer lasting attacks, that can keep moving from one tile to another.

Take your time and observe these attacks while also trying to dodge them (because you can’t really win easily with dead team mates) and keep in mind their attacks for the next time you encounter these bosses or monsters.

Keep your team well placed

I suggest trying to keep your team somehow separated, so monster and boss attacks will not hit all of them together at once. Also, be careful how you have your team positioned, because some movements might be limited because of the 3×3 space.

For example, if you have one member in the middle tile and one to the left or right, if you try moving the one in the middle towards the other one, it’s only going to swap their places. So be careful when you try to dodge, because you might try to do this by instinct and end up putting the other member in the line of fire.

Always try being somewhat careful with how you position the fighters, because you will either have a good time moving them, or it’s going to be harder than solving a Rubik’s cube. 

Make your picks right!

Whenever you start a new fight, you get to pick a leader to assess to your given team. That leader can only belong to one of the 12 classes, and if you don’t have a leader of the class required in that fight, then you’ll have to fight without him.

The best thing would be to collect a leader from each class, so in that case you will never go into a fight without a leader. Even if they are of lower quality, they will still be a relevant addition to the team.

My suggestion here is to collect as many leaders as possible, but preferably from the Expert Incantation and Master Incantation. The other two are OK too if you don’t have more gems, but they shouldn’t be your first choice.

These are all the King Crusher tips and tricks we have for you right now, but if you know some other cool stuff about the game, leave your suggestions down in the comments below and share them with everybody!

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King Crusher Cheats: Tips & Guide to Make a Strong Team and Win All Encounters

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