Kill Shot Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Step into the shoes of a covert special ops soldier! You are part of a high risk military attack team, and you’re on sniper duty. With a variety of powerful guns, you’re going to hone your marksman skills to get the job done. Kill Shot is a first-person shooter that focuses on precise gunplay. We’re here to help you become the ultimate sniper with our Kill Shot cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Get ready to stare down your scope, find your target, hold your breath, and take the shot! Our Kill Shot cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to becoming the number one sniper is ready to go.

1. Complete the primary and support missions to progress!

In order to advance to the next region, you have to take out the boss enemies in the Black Ops missions. To even attempt the level though, you need to have your gun upgraded to a certain point. You’re going to need a lot of cash, so in the mean time do the Primary and Support missions. Prioritize Primary over Support, but if you need some extra cash, go ahead and do the Support missions.

2. Aim for headshots and multi-kills!

Your score at the end of a level, which is a direction equation to how much your cash reward is, gets a bonus if you manage to pull off headshots and multi-kills. Headshots are self-explanatory, but for multi-kills, try to wait until there is an enemy soldier right behind another one. Shooting the one in front will cause the next one to die, as your bullet will pierce through him. Aim true for score bonuses, which means more cash!

3. Use your thermal in bursts and tag enemies!

Early on you’ll unlock the thermal scope for your sniper rifle. Activating the thermal makes it much easier to make out enemies in the field, but you can only use it for a limited amount of time. Something the game doesn’t explain during tutorials is that you can “tag” enemies, marking them with a big symbol over their heads. To do this all you need to do is hold your crosshairs over an enemy. A meter will appear saying “tagging enemy,” and you need to keep the enemy in your sights. Once it’s filled, they will be marked. A good tactic to do is to activate your thermal, then quickly scope out the field. Try to memorize all enemy locations, then shut off your thermal before it runs out. Tag as many as you can, then go to town. This tactic is especially useful for the missions where you need to kill a specific type of enemy, such as the Combat Medics.

4. Before you fire your first shot, examine your surroundings!

Going off of the tip above, take a look around your environment before you start tagging and fire your first shot. Usually, you have a “grace period” of about thirty seconds before the enemies become automatically alert to your presence. Take this time to scope out your enemies, because remember, sometimes your targets will try to escape by usually running off to the sides of the screen. Be sure to note their escape routes and take them out when they’re running if necessary. Also, be aware that sometimes there will be missions where you have to protect a group of civilians or friendly soldiers, such as the levels where you need to stop an enemy soldier from using a mounted machinegun. You have much less time to prepare on these levels, so quick reflexes is key!

5. Complete the daily challenges for extra cash!

Once you hit level 2, you’ll unlock the daily challenges. These challenges are usually easy, tasking you with destroying explosive barrels. You get to try out a new gun too! They’re worth roughly the same amount of cash as a regular mission, so feel free to do these if you need to rake in some dough.

6. If you need a little boost, try using power ups!

During combat, you can instantly activate power ups at the bottom of the screen.

  • The Spotter instantly marks all enemies on the field.
  • The Slo Mo slows down time for the remainder of the level, making it much easier to land headshots.
  • The Piercing bullets will make your bullets kill anything they hit in one shot, regardless of hit location.

You get a few freebies when you first start out, but when you run out, you have to pay real money to get more. Sometimes when you level up, you’ll get them for free, so don’t spend any money on them!

7. Upgrade your sniper rifle as much as you can!

Don’t worry about upgrading your Support mission weapons that much, as you won’t be using them during the primary missions. Only upgrade them to the point where they meet the criteria for the levels. Your sniper rifle, on the other hand, must be upgraded as much as possible. Aside from the required damage and accuracy upgrades, you can also upgrade your scope and thermal. Your scope increases your zoom range every time it’s upgraded, which is very useful. Your thermal also lasts longer when it’s upgraded. Both are very important so try to keep these up to date while upgrading your other aspects.

You should be ready now, soldier. Good luck on the battlefield! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below.

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Kill Shot Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. I’m currently on region 2 and it wont let me progress on to the Black Ops mission as my damage is only 160 on my sniper and not the requires 170? I have very little cash and it will take me an age to save up for a gun with 170 damage. Any ideas?

    • Watch videos and get enough gold to purchase the level 4 sniper. If you wait until the global ops mission is in effect, you can buy the “Z” version of the best gun (Z=zombie) which lets you double or even quadruple your coins in the global ops missions. It might take some time, but it is highly worth waiting to get the best gun possible. You can still use the “Z” version in regular missions as well.

        • Take your time and go for the shotgun support missions to get your cash up. Im currently on level 9 and in the past four hours I’ve spent over $1,000,000.00 that’s one Million dollars upgrading my weapons and I’ve earned another million dollars back in my bank! at this level my black ops missions are worth over $150,000.00 and each support mission I play is worth over $15,000.00 each! it just takes a little time to start making that kind of money but in due time you will be making this kind of money yourself, and don’t waste your real cash trying to do it. That will get you nowhere unless your buying Gold. Buying money for the game is just a waste. The only real cash money I’ve spent on the game was for the extra two power cells and every now and then I’ll buy the 5 spotters , 5 armor piercing rounds, 5 slow-mo cola’s for $1.99 Ive done that for the Global ops tournaments. The only real hard part is getting enough gold bars to buy a large enough saw to do well in the global ops tournament! Good luck to you and remember the money will come later in the game!

    • I am trying to kill one myself. Level 17 in the 4th region. I have a the bEst sniper rifle available upgraded to the max. I dont have any more armor piercing bullets until the next global ops. I need to know exactly where to shoot them and is it best to shoot them with thermal on? Seems the the regular bullet gets thru armor the bright reds spots on thermal..

    • Watch in thermal for any weak spots in the sentinel armour. I have beat the game and the elite missions in region 20. Or just simply use armour piercing.

  2. The best way to kill sentenials is where their eyes are visible. It’s not too hard to get them in the eye socket, but will require precise and calm aiming. Plus you get a head shot bonus!

        • Wait for them to get near an explosive barrel or the rockets/missiles that are sometimes scattered around. Shoot whatever explosive item that may be and there you have it…explosive kill. I am way past that level so I’ll go back and take a look to see exactly what you need to do.

  3. Guys, I desperately need to know how to cross Region 4 primary 31. Ive tried everything but I cant see the enemies crossing the explosive barrels so that I blast it…and every time as soon as I kill the sniper and aim the barrel without the slow mo the game just ends before I reload the gun and with the slow mo cant see the enemy at all. Please help

  4. does anyone know if there a level after 7? I’m on 6 but i don’t have enough gold to buy the last sniper rifle and I don’t want to spend really money if there’s no level after 7. Anyone know?

  5. hi,
    Someone knows how to pass stage 32 In the primary missions in region 7 ?

    The goal is to kill 4 persons but I found only 2 ( that go down the ropes…) in 30 seconds !!!

    Thanks :)

  6. Ok I’m trying to buy the best sniper rifle without gold …..which one is the best ….trying to avoid slow reloads and since they keep adding regions …I want 1 that’s going to last me for awhile ….thanks in advance

  7. So, somehow I erased all of my progress from this game but I signed up for a few freebies and got enough gold for the top sniper semi auto rifle. Awesome but… it cost a lot to upgrade. I forgot how little cash you can get from the early missions. .Does anyone know how to get cash fast… free? Oh and don’t clear your cache.

    I love this game.

  8. I am on level 7 with maximum upgrade sniper rifle, I have 300k money but only 80gold, next sniper rifle is 400+ gold. How can I get gold, I have loads of weapons can I sell them for gold?

    • Gold Does take time to build up & should only be spent on weapons etc. That can ONLY Be purchased with Gold, like Semi-Auotmatic Sniper Rifles & Saw Guns. You can earn enough $$ to buy & upgrade each Regions Required Sniper Rifle & Shotgun with $$ from support & primary missions.

      As Far as Gold, you can watch video’s. But will earn Much More Gold Completeing Offers through Tapjoy. Just be sure to take screenshots of your status while completing your offers as they don’t always award you your gold until you contact support open a ticket & then when asked, provide those screenshots as proof of offer completion!

      This is everything I have done & I am currently on Region 8 Primary 30
      I have ALL Basic Sniper Rifles And Shotguns Fully Upgraded through Region 9 All bought with $$!
      Also Several “Gold” Weapons to use in Global & Special Ops Events! Costing over 3,500 Gold bars:
      Region1 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
      Region2 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle With Silencer.
      Region 3 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
      Region 4 Anti-Zombie Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle w/Silencer
      Region 4 Anti-Zombie Fully-Automatic Saw Gun
      Region 4 Anti-Zombie Shotgun
      Region 14 Anti-Zombie Fully-Automatic Saw Gun
      Over 5,000 Gold Bars I spent on those weapons & I am back up to 2,500 Gold Bars again now.

      It takes a lot of time, and A LOT of Support Missions to get your cash up so you’re not using gold.

      • Does anyone know how to get region 8 unlocked??? I done beat the whole game breach missions and all and still no region 8 it says coming soon wtf

  9. I need help to pass mission 49 on region 8. I have tried all tactics (slow mo, changing killing order,etc) and there is not enough time to kill all three snipers plus the guy with the knife. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    • You need to purchase the Ferris Sasr semi auto sniper rifle for 990 gold, and the use slow mo etc. it just getting the gold that takes the time with the video’s and free gold stuff, if you don’t buy it. You then need roughly one and a half million bucks to do the upgrades, from the support missions.

  10. Please I need help,mytapjoy blocked me from getting golds,because I used so called VPN,the reason why I used it was,after downloading Apps I won’t get my golds,now Tapjoy can’t reward me anymore,so is there any other apps to get gold?I’m in region 8

  11. Does anyone know how to open up Region 9 on kill shot? I already passed all the black ops mission and it still not letting me move forward to the next mission. What’s the deal?

    • I am having the some problem with region 9, I completed the main mission and black ops and i have been waiting a while, some good news please.

  12. Region 9 is open now. If anyone has a problem with the support mission in region 9. Like seeing half invisable men. What u need to do is go to all regions tap support missions and download. Then reboot device. Should work fine after that. +isishkiller+

  13. Hi. I’m on region 8 level 28/50. Any ideas please? Which ever sequence I try, my time runs out. And for some reason, I have the required damage for the stage but i need two shots for each enemy. Thanks.

    • Its always good to buy a higher level sniper. U can get thru all lower levels black ops n primary ops. a btr option is buy a higher level shot gun n sniper the max u can get. Upgrade their accuracy n sights to complete lower levels. To get cash aways go for the highest level support missions but ur best shot gun. Alslo do the daily challenges after u cross a new level

  14. Hi, I’d like to know if I buy a Region 9 sniper rifle, can I use it to complete missions in Regions 6 and 7, or any other LOWER Region? Or is it mandatory to use a level 7 sniper rifle in Region 7, a level 8 y Region 8 and so on… Thank you!

  15. Hi… I’m now at region two playing with SUPPORT of shotguns, but i can’t be move to left or right, and only can stand still with my shot gun shooting on the bricks, when enemy are hiding behind the damn wall!!!

  16. In Gabe s crossing, in daily mission, i got a multikill.
    But in this mission, i cant seem to see the enemies and very quickly the mission is ended. What to do??

    • It depends on what 4 you have found, but there is a random one on the left by the ship wreck, or a tiny one in the middle right at the back.

      • You have to win them, you can win the metals from the global op missions or score high in the global op tournaments. You can win upto 1,000 of them if you place in the top 3 spots and from there it goes down. Last one I only walked away with 60 myself. Good luck with that unless you have yourself a high level saw , level 12 or better!

  17. Whats the best weapon to spend gold on (I have 3135 gold)? I’m level 38 and all levels are complete. Im thinkinb saw gun for zombie killing……any suggestions

  18. Some times I’ll get 4 or 5 in 10 shots and sometimes nothing. Any one know about explosive rounds? PS I’m on level 16 with sniper and shotgun fully upgraded.

    • The only way you can recover your account I am aware of, (I read this In-App On Help Section), & I believe you would need to contact support & they Can Restore your Progress (so it’s said) if you did 1 of 2 things or both prior to.
      1. If you previously used the Facebook Connect or Google+ Connect login option, your progress will always be linked to your account. Login with either & your progress should be restored!?!
      2. Use you Support Code IF you previously wrote it down!!! This seems the easiest surefire way IMO.

      I hope this helps if you have not already found a resolution & if you use one of these options let us know if they actually work or not!

      John B

    • Not that I am aware of… The Vaporizer Bullet is just like the Anti-Zombie Guns in it vaporizes the enemy. But the 2X Kill Coons still only for zombies.

      And the “Maimer” bullet is just as effective, but with much more devestation & blood’

      Long Story Short… No, matching bullets & skins is a simple fashion statement :/ lol j/k

  19. Do anyone know how to get on region 8 ad i have completed everything through and i am on level 27 but cant get on region 8. Can anyone help please and tell me how!!!! Cheers

  20. I just got the game and I’m on primary level it keeps saying you need to upgrade your snipper and click here to upgrade and nothing’s happening please help

  21. Hey guys I completed (level 18 )the game and it says next level will be soon coming kindly update the link that I can update mine .


  22. Anyone had an issue with Region 9 breach missions?
    It wont let me use a shotgun, always defaults back to a sniper rifle and its way too hard to pass without using slow motion and pumping 2 rounds into each enemy

  23. LvL 53, Region 19, Primary #40 of #50, Disable 5 generators, can only find 4 of the five, looked over 50 times even with thermal? Stuck….. Any Advise?

      • I’m at that same spot. I can see the 5th with the marker, but can’t get a shot at it. Does the Technician have anything explosive on him to hit when he runs by the generator? I don’t think he does, but I’m grasping at straws now.

    • I just figured it out. When you look into your scope with the Thermal engaged, you can move yourself left or right with the arrows located in the bottom left of the screen

      • Dude….THANK YOU. I’ve put over 200 armor piercing rounds around the marker, killed the tech., didn’t kill him. I’ve even tried explosive rounds. I could not find this generator or disable it no matter what I’ve tried. I got point for you next time. THANKS!!!

  24. Stuck on region 19 mission 40 can not locate 5th generator been stuck for over a week I’m a advanced player level 83 I’ve used spotters , slow – mo and thermo and still no luck …. Also very slow to receive gold for advancement… Anybody can help ?????

  25. Region 5 Breach Mission 7 – Destroy the mech guarding the hidden entrance
    I get to the door with the mech & two guys knife me from behind. The game won’t let me turn around to shoot them. Anyone have a suggestion?

  26. Help! Been on level 20, all missions are completed it says next region is coming soon. been saying that for over a month now, any idea when it will update or am I missing something? I downloaded the next game(the sequel or whatever) not a fan, spent a little Money on this gAmerican, help anyone?Is there an update that is needed or? Thanks again anyone who can help

    • please could you help me out with Elite ops ,disable 12 generators I’m finding it difficult with the last generator behind the jet,how do i destroy that?

  27. For sale account of the game kill shot
    I opened 20 area
    33 level
    I purchased the most powerful weapons and snipers
    To connect WhatsApp

  28. Guys I cannot download region 2, after finishing region 1. I love the game and it takes ages to download only to be load download failed. Is there something basic I am missing here? I am playing on an iPhone 6s. Please help!! Thank you

  29. Stuck level 17 elite ops mission 1 kill 10 sentinel marksmen HOW ? Within 15 secs they’re all on me I can only take down 5 and I’m sniped is there a strategy for his or something I’ve tried with with out
    Thermal, tagging, even slomo nothing helps any ideas ?


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