Hexagons, war game, strategy, tactics and the developers of the amazing Battle of the Bulge game? Well, if we are to mix all these, we’re going to get an extremely exciting upcoming product, Gettysburg: The Tide Turns. The game first has to be fully Kickstarted, but we don’t think that it will have any problems with that: it’s looking for a low $20,000 kickstart and at the moment of writing, a bit over 17,000 have been already pledged with 28 days to go.

In terms of gameplay, Gettysburg: The Tide Turns promises to be a hardcore gamer’s wet dream. This means individual brigades to control, different unit types that vary in strength and morale and a very interesting approach to the turn based system: there will be a random factor deciding when each of the brigades move, making it extremely important for you to think quick and be a true tactician.


You probably want multiplayer too from such a game and that’s exactly what the game will offer, alongside single player missions and even a more casual mode for those who don’t consider themselves experts on anything army-related.

With donations starting at $1 and really rewards awaiting those who pledge $10 and more, from getting the game to getting extra content in the game. There’s a bit for everyone there for an otherwise extremely promising title, so make sure to check out the Gettysburg: The Tide Turns Kickstarter page and keep an eye on it. The game is expected to hit stores in March 2014, so we still have a bit of waiting to do…



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