Even though I am not the biggest fan of top down shooters, I do feel the need every now and then for all that madness, for all that intense action and mindless shooting at everything that moves. If such a game is set in a cool looking steampunk universe, then the entire situation changes into a much better one and I can say I am completely pleased.

And extremely pleasing as a concept seems to be Unnamed 101, an upcoming iOS game which, in case you haven’t figured it out already, is a twin stick top down shooter set in a steampunk universe. Yay!

The interesting thing is that the game also uses RPG elements, which are always welcome. We also have a ton of gadgets and weapons to use throughout our adventure, as well as multiple robotic enemies to destroy. The cherry on top? If you’re good enough to reach the end of Unnamed 101, you can create your own comic book based on your adventure and choices. Absolutely brilliant!

This Kickstarter project, if successful, will push the game on our iPhones and iPads by the end of the year. The developers need 40,000 USD to get the game Kickstarted and they only got a bit over 1,000 so far. So check out more details about Unnamed 101 on its Kickstarter page and make sure to back the project if it looks like something fun.


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