Kickoffs Tips and Cheats for Rocket League Sideswipe Hoops Mode

Kickoffs Tips and Cheats for Rocket League Sideswipe Hoops Mode

Rocket League Sideswipe is a funny mobile game that combines two genres. These are arcade racing and football game. There you will need to drive a very interesting vehicle that looks like a car with a pair of huge accelerators that allows it to perform rocket jumps. With this car, you will need to participate in a football match. There are many different tips and tricks on how to get an advantage over your opponents and kickoffs are one of the most interesting ones. This guide will explain to you kickoffs in Rocket League Sideswipe, and we will give you a couple of tips on how to perform them.

What are Kickoffs in Rocket League Sideswipe?

Kickoffs in Rocket League Sideswipe are a special move that you can perform at the beginning of each round. It is your first kick of the ball that opens the current match. If you do it correctly and take control over the ball, you will be able to get an advantage or even score a free goal. However, you should follow some specific strategies to become more successful.

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Strategies for Kickoffs in Rocket League Sideswipe

There are a couple of strategies for kickoffs in Rocket League Sideswipe. The first one is to try to take the ball and score a free goal. In order to perform it, you will need to learn how to do kickoffs. Usually, most new players just charge at the ball and try to kick it. Then they get their car flipping and lose control. This is not the best way to perform kickoffs. Instead of trying to kick the ball with the front of your car, you should do it with your car’s bottom. This strategy should stabilize the ball.

The second strategy is called the fake kickoff. Your opponent will be able to defeat you if you always repeat the same thing at the beginning of the match. So, you should try to do something else. You just need to stay away from the ball and watch your opponent’s actions. Then, you should wait for the other player’s mistake and score a goal. Try to mix kickoffs and fake kickoffs. This will confuse your opponents and force them to guess your next move.

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Kickoffs Tips and Cheats for Rocket League Sideswipe Hoops Mode


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