Become the ultimate kick hero! Kick Hero is a one-touch game designed to be simple but challenging. Time it well and your kicks will be charged with power! Defeat all of the bad guys in your way by kicking the ball to freedom! We’ll help you become the ultimate kick hero with our Kick Hero cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Keep your eyes on the ball!

A good hero always keeps their eye on the ball! In this game, there is never a moment where you should take your eyes off the ball. All enemies in your path will be dealt with sufficiently so as long as you’re timing your kicks well, which – you guessed it – requires you to keep your eyes glued to the ball to make sure you don’t mistime a kick!

2. Unleash a shockwave!

When you land a perfect kick, you’ll see a PERFECT and a multiplier. If you land five perfect kicks in a row, you’ll unleash a super kick so powerful it sends out a shockwave! This will destroy all bad guys currently on the screen, so it’s useful for clearing out a sticky situation. This also does heavy damage to bosses!

3. Better early than late!

You’ll probably notice this after a couple of runs but if you ever have doubt, it’s better to kick the ball early than late. You can kick the ball when it’s not even touching your targeting reticle and it’ll still count as a hit. However, if you let it go just a little bit past your reticle, it’ll count as a miss and your run will be over.

4. Watch out for fast balls!

Depending on how hard you kick and how close the enemies are to you, the ball may ricochet back to you at an alarmingly high speed. Watch out for this! When you’re getting a good combo going and you’re in the heat of battle, try to pre-judge how fast your next shot is going to be. This way you have a heads up and you won’t be caught completely off guard.

5. Practice!

Aside from these tips, the best thing we can leave you with is to just practice practice PRACTICE! Practice your timing and getting down the perfect shots. If you can consistently land perfect kicks with few misses in between, you’re good to go. There’s no lives or energy in this game, so you’re free to practice and play as much as you’d like.

That’s all for Kick Hero. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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