The Winter Games are finally here and it’s your chance to show your skills! Winter Sports is the newest game from Ketchapp, and it’s quite addicting. Winter Sports is a simple endless runner of sorts that focuses on testing your timing skills. With a little tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered with our Winter Sports cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Winter Sports is all about testing your timing, so in addition to our guide here some good old practice will do you wonders. Keep playing and eventually your timing is will be mastered! For now, let’s get started with our Winter Spots tips and tricks guide.

1. Watch the arrow!

This might help you if you’re having trouble timing the actions. Try to keep your eyes glued to the black arrow beneath your character rather than the character itself. This might make it a bit easier for you to know when to tap the screen. Remember to give yourself a little time to tap before the arrow actually reaches the action points as you’ll need to compensate for the time it takes you to tap and for the game to register it.

2. Get some gear!

Unlike a lot of other endless runners, the gear in Winter Sports isn’t just cosmetic! Different outfits actually have different stats attached to them. When you get more in a stat, it generally increases your speed during that sport. Blue is ice skating, purple is snowboard grinding, red is snowboard tricking, and green is skiing. If it’s possible you’ll want to balance your stats around since you’re going to be participating in every single sport! If you’re trying to improve your rank in a specific sport, it might help to stack as many bonuses towards that sport.

3. Sport rundowns!

  • The blue icon is Ice Skating. Ice skating is probably the most straightforward of the sports. Your goal is to get to the end as fast as possible and that’s by using the green boosts. Nothing else to it; it’s just a test of your timing skills.
  • The red icon is Snowboard Tricking. You’ll get a mixture of green boosts and charge boosts to speed up. Eventually you’ll hit a trick ramp, and you’ll need to time a tap when the circle overlaps the white circle. Land it successfully and you’ll get a nice speed boost. The faster you’re going when you hit these jumps, the more points you’ll earn.
  • The purple icon is Snowboard Grinding. Grinding has typical green boosts but also the exclusive purple boosts. These are shaped exactly like the green boosts but the sweet spot is at the very end of the boost, making it easy to overestimate when you need to tap. These are a bit tricky to land but they’re the key to getting faster grinding times.
  • The green icon is Skiing. Skiing is kind of like snowboard tricking, as you’ll see mainly green boosts and charge boosts. Trying to build up as much speed as possible because there is a big ramp at the very end of the course. Your rank is determined by how far you go when you launch off that ramp. Be careful with the charge boosts and remember that it’s usually a good idea to let go before you think you’ll need to!

4. Keep practicing!

There’s not much to Winter Sports other than nailing the timing down for each type of boost. As the game speeds up every time you land a boost, you’ll need to readjust your timing accordingly. Just keep practicing and you’ll be a Winter Sports champ in no time!

That’s all for Winter Sports! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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