In today’s article we are going to share with you our Kawaii Home Design tips and cheats to help you make the best designs and win every competition in game. 

This game is basically the super cute version of the famous Design Home game, where you will have to put together a room following the given directions and integrating the already existing items into the environment. 

The very interesting part about Kawaii Home Design is that, if you are an anime fan and love kawaii stuff, this game will let you create a chibi version of yourself and use that as your avatar. 

So, if you are ready to learn all of our design tips, then let’s not waste another second and dive right into our Kawaii Home Design tips and tricks!

You need to fill the bubbles

The bubbles are the items necessary in that room, which you will need to have in order to submit the room for voting. Some rooms might require more items than others, so always start by filling up these requirements and see how much space you have left after for further items.

Since the required items can be anything from carpets to couches and even windows, I recommend that you first check them all out before placing them, just so you can have a better idea on how much space they will take up.

Rush to level 3

When you are just starting off in the game you might find it a little overwhelming with all the decorating you have to do, but don’t worry! You will have so many tasks to do that you will never get bored! 

First thing that I suggest you do is rush to level 3 because that’s when you unlock a few amazing features, such as following friends and rooms and earning a lot of rewards (more about this below). 

How to reach level 3 fast:

You can reach level 3 pretty fast if you just follow the tutorial (it will get you to level 2) and afterwards just go to the Pitch Center and you will find challenges to complete. Try doing a few challenges, because by the time you complete 4-5 you will level up.

It’s super easy, so go ahead and fill the rooms with any furniture that it asks of you just to complete it and level up. You will have plenty of time to think about designs and decorations! Now just focus on getting level 3.

Make friends in game and start following designers

The game has a ton of social interactions, which you can take part in very easily. Once you reached level 3, you will be able to acquire a ton of items for free by simply visiting random players’ rooms and giving them a helping hand.

I suggest that once you reach level 3, open the Menu (bottom left corner of the screen) and connect to Facebook (if you have). If you don’t have – no biggie! You can find other players like this:

– While in the Friends menu (Menu -> Friends), go to the Random Visit. There you will be taken to a random player’s Showroom and see what they’ve been up to! 

You can tap on the bottom right corner button to go to another player’s showroom, and whenever you see someone with a room bigger than the default one, I suggest following them. This means that the player has invested some time and effort in the game, and they are an active player.

If you want to share your in game nickname with the other players and gain more followers, leave a comment down below and let’s add each other! You can add me too – the in game name is “xristina”!

To search for a friend’s name head on to Menu -> Friends -> Search and type the name in there! 

One other thing that I suggest you do is that once you see that someone started following you, you should follow back. This is kind of an unspoken rule, but it’s the nice thing to do.

– I also suggest checking out the players’ rank, which is the small icon next to their character’s profile (on top). There you can see who has created some good designs and you can learn from them!

Help your friends to help yourself

You can offer help to your friends (which basically translates into helping them clean their room) up to 10 times a day in exchange for some random rewards. If you want to get some items for free, this is something that you should do every day, because it is really worth it. 

Get free Gems

You can get free Gems in game for simply heading to the Settings menu (in the top right corner), opening the Support tab and there you can get a total of 20 Gems for free! All you have to do is “follow” the game. 

There is a trick here that you ca get the gems for free without following the game’s pages, by simply tapping on them (and that will redirect you to the pages) and then click to go back in game as soon as the pages open. 

By doing this you will receive the rewards without doing anything pretty much, so go ahead and do it! 

Log in daily for free outfits

As a new player, on the home screen you will see a button under your character’s icon: a “Newbie Gift”. Here you will receive a free item of clothing (a new fashion) every day that you log in to the game! 

I suggest logging to claim this every day even if you don’t plan on doing anything in game in particular that day. Just log in to claim them and you’ll have some cute free outfits!

Save Gems for the Fortune Kitty

If you are going crazy about customizing your character in any game you play, then you and I are pretty similar. Well, in Kawaii Home Design you can customize your character with various faces, outfits and accessories to stand out from the rest. 

If you want some unique and rare outfits then I suggest that you save either 50 Gems or 450 Gems to try and get them!

With 50 Gems you can try your luck once at the Fortune Kitty, and with 450 Gems you can try 10 times. This gives you a 10% discount (so one item for free basically). If you have the patience, I suggest saving 450! 

These are the chances for getting the outfits:

– 5 star: 3.42%
– 4 star: 27.38%
– 3 star: 30.42%
– 2 star: 11.41%
– 1 star: 27.38%

Vote for the best designs

In the bottom right corner you will see the “Vote” button on top of the Pitch Center. There you will see all the submitted rooms for certain challenges, that maybe you’ve taken part in as well!

In the Vote section you will gain EXP and other useful items, such as dyes and materials, so go ahead and vote daily! The vote limit is 10 every day (vote in 10 competitions) and after completing all of them you will receive gold, vouchers and other cool rewards!

Get to know other people in game

Other than the random room visit option that I’ve mentioned before, there is another way to get to know people in game if you have a minute to spend! 

When you are in the main interface, you will see right below your Showroom something that  resembles a road sign (has the letters GO glowing on it). When you tap on that sign, you can pick between the Local Meetup and Global Meetup.

In the Local Meetup you can meet other players from the same region as you, while in the Global Meetup you can hang out with people from all around the world!

A room can have a maximum of 20 players at once, so if you want to meet other people who share the same interest, you might have to swap quite a few rooms before finding the best one.

Take part in many challenges to rank up

As cute as this game might seem, it still is a competitive game among all else. Your designs will give you trophies once they have been rated by the other players, and these trophies will add up to help you rank up.

The ranks are seasonal, so after each season you will have to rank up all over again! With each rank, you receive better rewards from competitions, including Gems. The ranks go from Beginner to Master III, so take your time and you will reach the top!

Get a job – in game! (no, I’m not sending you out)

In Kawaii Home Design you can also have this extra way of earning extra income – by getting a job. Once your Showroom increases in size, you can also become an employer and recruit some staff! 

Check back often (in Menu -> Job) to collect your salary and see if anyone is recruiting!

Collect Journal points and claim cool rewards

The in game Journal is the equivalent of an Achievements menu, which means that once you have completed a certain number of tasks, you get points and once you’ve gathered enough points, you can claim rewards.

You ear Journal Points when you help a friend, when you collect new fashion items, when you complete an order, when you submit a design with a value over 10000, when your design gets a rating higher than 4 and when you level up. 

There are 5 main entries in the journal, each one requiring more points. So if the first entry only requires 100 points, the last one requires 1900!

All of the points you gain for the previous entries count towards the last one, so for example if you have 100 points and completed the first entry, (the second entry requires 300 points) then you will only need 200 more points to complete the second one! 

Check out the Premium Store and claim the daily free rewards!

In the Daily Store you will have new and special offers every day. The very first option is an item that you can claim for free, so make sure you claim it as soon as you log in the game! 

If you need a dye or another resource, you can also check the ones which cost gold! I don’t suggest buying the items which cost Gems, because in my opinion it’s better to save the Gems for the Fortune Kitty!

Change your outfit!

If you want to quickly change your default outfit (until you buy a better one or until you get lucky with the Fortune Kitty) you can simply go to your profile (tap on your character icon in the top left corner) and go to Closet.

There if you check above your character once you selected some items of clothing, you can go left and right to check the possible color variations! To change the color it will require you to have dyes, so here’s where they come into play!

I suggest not wasting them until you have the outfit you want badly, because you might not always get the exact dye color that you want as reward.

When you decorate, you can go that extra mile!

If you want your rooms to really stand out while decorating, I suggest that you follow a few design tips, coming from someone who loves design and plays tons of design games:

– Have all of your rooms match a color scheme! Don’t go crazy with the colors, because then the rooms will look cluttered – instead, stick to 2-3 colors.

– Always use plants in your rooms! Even if the requirements don’t ask for that, they will give your rooms a little extra beauty and your scores will most likely increase! 

– Always use a carpet! 

– If you can, try diving the rooms by using different flooring and items. This is a little bit more advanced, but if you manage to pull it off it’s going to have a big impact on the designs. 

– The little details matter! Even if you add an extra lamp on the desk or a book on the closet, it will make the room seem more beautiful and homey, so make sure you do this if you have the money. 

– You don’t have to add decor from a single category. So for example if you are decorating a bathroom, you can add something extra from the Bedroom or Kitchen or so. As long as it looks good and it’s viable, you can set your creativity free – don’t feel bound by the type of room you decorate!

These would be all of our Kawaii Home Design tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you have some more extra tips that you want to share with us? Leave a comment down below – and also, if you want to share your nickname for the other players to add it, feel free to do so!


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