Kao the Kangaroo All Costumes List Guide

Kao the Kangaroo All Costumes List Guide

Kao the Kangaroo is the most popular video game series about kangaroos. A few days ago the latest version of Kao The Kangaroo was released. It will be the most interesting version of Kao the Kangaroo. The 2022 game will be available on Xbox, PS, and Windows. So, what do you need to do playing this game?

Kao the Kangaroo 2022 Guide

In Kao the Kangaroo all you need is to complete the storyline. The game has no multiplayer. So, this game might become boring very fast. However, the Kao the Kangaroo still has something to offer the player. 

One of the best things is a Kangaroo trophy.

Kangaroo trophy is the specific achievements system. There are 16 different trophies you need to get. However, during the game, you can obtain only 14. Two other trophies will be given for finishing the career mode.

However, the game can boast not only trophies. The second interesting system in the Kao the Kangaroo is customization. So, let’s find out how customization works.

Customization in Kao the Kangaroo

Generally, you can change the head and the body outfit. Also, head and body clothes are suited to each other. So, combining items with the same theme will create complete outfits. However, you still can mix different heads and bodies to create costumes. 

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To get the customization items you need to complete the career line. Also, some of the items are purchasable in the store. There is even a golden outfit, which is hidden. You can get this secret costume by completing a special assignment. So, below is the list of all outfits in Kao the Kangaroo.

As you might see, the customization in Kao the Kangaroo is impressive. In summary, you can create over 100 different costumes. So, thank you for reading the guide. Hope it was helpful for you!

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Kao the Kangaroo All Costumes List Guide


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