Junkyard Tycoon is a beautiful time management game for Android and we’re here to help you with some Junkyard Tycoon cheats and tips to play the game better, sell those cars for larger profits and unlock everything in the game.

Junkyard Tycoon seems like an early access game, with features still in the works and some things needing some serious polish, but overall this is a really good and addictive game that we absolutely love playing. There are some annoying “pay to win” features (like only being able to offload one car at a time), but we can’t complain too much.

With these in mind, let’s learn everything there is to be learned about this nice game in our Junkyard Tycoon cheats and tips article!

Know the prices of the cars
There are just a few types of cars in the game and you should know what are the best prices for them. Don’t be afraid to skip buying a vehicle if the price is not right and always try to prioritize purchasing the better cars over the others, as the potential for profit increases.

This takes some time and experience, but pretty soon you will know roughly that if you get a Volksvagen Wolf for $250 you’re up for a great deal, while getting one for $500 will result in a difficult time for you to make any profits.

Don’t forget about the Car Baler
Probably the most annoying part in the game is the car baler as you can only scrap one vehicle at a time without paying for an expensive premium. Therefore, you should always scrap vehicles and restart, otherwise you will get stuck and not be able to bring in new ones.

My recommendation is to start with the ones that require the least amount of time when you log in to the game, then leave the ones requiring more time for when you’re logged out.

Sell your Warehouse items too
These are extremely useful for future purchases and area unlocks, but you can safely sell most of the items in the warehouse until you get to having around $5,000 constantly, because that is when you can start dreaming about unlocking new stuff. And it will take some time to get there.

So sell your items, but be smart about it: start with those that you have a ton of and always keep 2-3 on hand. Alternately, you can check out the areas you can unlock and the prices to unlock them, then save the items required for that unlock and sell everything else.

Getting to unlock everything requires some time, especially before you have unlocked the maximum number of vehicle parking spots and scrapping areas. And since we’re here, that is what you should focus on first before unlocking new areas in the game: getting to at least 5 parking spots and 5 scrapping areas before anything else in order to keep the profits coming.

Sell the items in the stock room at the right price!
This is one of the slightly annoying features – but one that is, strangely, extremely fun as well at the same time. The price of the items you scrap from your vehicles fluctuates and changes every 5 seconds. This is why you should spend some time in the shop and only sell when the market price is closer to the maximum price of that piece of equipment.

From what I’ve seen, the vehicles are made in such a way that you can get a minimum of $100 profit per car, but you should aim for at least $200 and probably a lot more in the case of the more expensive vehicles.

So take your time and only sell when the price is right – but make sure you act fast because in many occasions I was to slow and I tapped the sell button after the 5 seconds were gone, usually selling at a much lower price.

What extra buildings to unlock
The game is built in such a way that you don’t really have a ton of options when it comes to unlocking new buildings: unlock what you afford first.

The first thing you should unlock, therefore, would be the repair building which costs $5,00 and just a small amount of items. Things get a bit more complicated afterwards, with the Vehicle Distribution and University being available for the same amount of coins. I’d go for Vehicle building first… and sky’s the limit afterwards!

This would be it right now in terms of tips and tricks for Junkyard Tycoon. If you have additional tips to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

These would be, for now, our Junkyard Tycoon tips and tricks. Do you have other suggestions for fellow players? Let us know by sharing your strategies below.


  1. From what i can tell, use the recycler to make items you may be short of in unlocking/purchasing buildings. I haven’t used it to do anything so far in my quest, seems too costly in energy, $ and items.

    • Yea just started playing not to long ago to be exact I’ve seen videos and tried finding it on the web , I can build anything cause no glass ever pops up for me to build anything. I have it downloaded on iOS. Any suggestions keep or delete ?

      • In the recycle building you can make glass.first go to the building in need of this item(glass) then you tap on it and it should take you to the recycle center.which you will need to have unlocked first

  2. Important tip. Spend free time [while watching a movie or something] playing Ed videos 4 diamonds. When recycling vehicles check the items first and if there’s any wood concrete or glass spend the extra diamonds and double the items in the vehicle.

  3. Ok guys. Most of the time you can shorten the car baler by watching an ad, but you have to catch it in time, while that blows, you do get 2 gems with each ad and most of the time, you also get 5 points if energy. The recycling center is great because you can make some much needed stuff like glass. I am trying to figure out how to get concrete, but it helps a ton. Car baler give you scrap metal which you can sell for up to $50 or use to make other parts.

    • As you level up, your energy bar will get larger. I’m at level 15 and my energy bar goes up to 1,100 now so I’m able to get usually two expensive cars on the ramps and getting dismantled. Another way to get free energy is to repair the oasis and the field of dreams on the map, then upgrade them with your cash to generate free energy. Be sure you collect your free energy before leaving the game so you’ll essentially be accumulating 3x the energy at the same time vs 1x in the energy bar.

    • Spend diamonds on the basic requirement like chainsaw. Don’t bother with the extra guy to do the work
      Spend the 5 diamonds on reducing the time by 1/3. Spend 15 or 20 and time taken is reduced a lot

    • I think it comes more when you buy the tractors or diesel trucks.also keep checking out your offers from bidders for the illegal items.they sometimes offer these items.if they don’t then just pass on the offer until they do

  4. I have been playing for a while and am at a point to where I can start stocking up a few things in preparation for future buildings so I will try. And pass on a couple tips here. Recycling center: this will help you with nails, glass, and a few other things that you need for buildings and, once you unlock repair and distribution. Note: do NOT repair a vehicle until you have the distribution center unlocked. It will cost you a lot of time and materials and you will have no where to sell it. So, unlocking University and Distribution go hand in hand for that. Just work on leveling up the things in Uni until you have Distribution open. Which will unfortunately take a long time as concrete seems to be the rarest material in the game. I hope they will address this imbalance in the future. Until then, be patient. Try and get your baler speed to around 40% and the amount you can store to about level 6 as well and you should not have stocking issues if you are watching adverts and using the diamonds for extra baler slots. Best of luck!

  5. The article doesn’t say anything about getting more material s for building. What’s the best way. Because some of them are unattainable. Like concrete, it’s pretty much in possible to get. It never shows up in cars.

  6. I just got a new phone and want to continue my game but I downloaded the app but can’t seem to continue my old game as it’s not coming up please help

  7. You cannot buy make or cheat to get concrete. It is strange that the game wont let you even buy it with real money.
    The developer has made this game kind of useless b3cause of this. Smh. Not smart at all….

  8. Is there a particular type of vehicle that gives you stone? I can’t find any of it so far,and i need it for recycling center,so i can create whatever i need in the future

  9. Ok looks they are adding buildings to get each of the rare resources concrete and brick are good to go. Timber and quarry are still in progress.

    Energy from 2 buildings.

    Swat team comes if when tryings to win weapons. One of the arrows ends up in the red zone

    Hope this helps

    • No, you just have to wait them out. When selling off your parts which takes a long time waiting for the best price to appear, keep your peripheral vision focused on the right side of the screen so you can catch the yellow button when it appears. If they’re only offering cash you should skip it because it’s typically a useless amount of cash, and also pass on the energy they might offer for the same reason. Hold out for the good stuff like nails, concrete, etc.

  10. I am new to the game but as it says it is definitely a game of strategy plus it is a game of patience. Unlike most games like this where you can just go to the store and buy things they make you work for. For me, it made sense to repair the recycling building first, then the stone building, the oasis, the field of dreams, the wood shop, now I am working on the concrete building. Why in that order? Well if you have at least 3-4 spaces and 3 lifts to takes cars a part there should be a steady flow. Taking the time to level up the spaces and lifts are important and the the baler. Taking your time selling car parts is also the key. Sometimes I have 12 cars in at the same time. I’m waiting on the best deal. Only part I hate is the resource buildings. You have to wait so long for the buildings to create stone wood etc and pay so much for materials only to get 2 pieces. At least when I made a request at Lowes in real life and paid for materials taxes fees applied my discount I brought home an entire custom made portable wheelchair ramp. Lol.

  11. This game constantly freezes the bailer amd when cars come up on the truck il pay for it and it won’t go into the spot but still takes the money.maybe get the bugs out and it wouldn’t be a bad game

    • Mine does take my money and too without leaving any car. Full of bugs, doesnt give me all the energy and materials are pretty hard to catch… s**tty game but i like the selling part. And the clicking in the game isnt accurate enough…

      • The clicking accuracy is horrible in this game and I wonder at times if that’s intentional. You will often miss the best price because the SELL button won’t register until the 3rd click, or the same with the button to get both arrows in the green area. I once lost over 150 illegal items due to that button not responding. I hope the dev will INCREASE BUTTON SIZE and make them more responsive.

  12. The illegal items you get from the vehicles later on when ppl make an offer if you wait long enough the ppl will start offering building mats and energy

    • Watch ads for free diamonds while you’re watching Netflix or something. Alternately you can do the offers like credit check, install apps, etc, and get way more free diamonds.

  13. I restarted the game.
    I don’t think you should sell any of the building materials. Just upgrade your warehouse and keep the materials for later.
    Recycling plant should probably be the first building to construct, it’s the cheapest and you can craft some of the building supplies.

    • If you accumulate the illegal weapons as well, sometimes you can trade them for energy, money, or building materials.
      The offers to trade the weapons appear in the top right corner where the “bonus car delivery” appears.

    • Instead of restarting, at the launch screen you can watch an ad to create a 2nd garage and it will ask which one you want to log in to when you launch the game.

  14. You will often times get building materials such as sttone, wood and concrete from the Lazdas, koyote trucks, and the cheaper vehicles. Illegal weapons can be found in the fontiac catalina cop cars, several of the cheaper tractors and in a few of the more expensive vehicles randomly. Click on watch an ad for a truck to come. When the truck arrives, it will offer three vehicles at steeply discounted rates. You can make a huge profit off these vehicles. Hope these tips help!

  15. In the “order new vehicle menu”, why aren’t all of the vehicles available to purchase with diamonds? I am level 12 with 2500 diamonds.

  16. Don’t sell off any building materials in the Warehouse – you will need these to progress in the game later and some can be extremely difficult to obtain. Avoid selling items from the Warehouse if you can help it.

    Try to make money just from dismantling the cars and patiently selling them for the highest price in the Stockroom. Patience really pays off here. Focus on only 2 or 3 of the slots at the same time, and cover the others with your thumb so it’s not anxiety-inducing and you can laser-focus on just those few to get the highest prices for them.

    Use cash to keep buying new Park Slots and Ramp Slots as money permits, and increase the storage capacity of your Baler, Stockroom, and Warehouse to hold all of the cars you’ll be working on. Before long you should have all 9 Park Slots and 4 Ramps open. Remember to upgrade them to an array of 1-, 2-, and 3-stars so you can store and dismantle the expensive vehicles when they show up. Beyond those 9 and 4, the next ones take 100 diamonds or more, so just make do with the ones you can open with cash from Stockroom sales.

    Watch for the truck icon in the upper right that usually appears after an hour, and within 3-5 minutes of you starting the game again, as you can get good deals on one of the 3 vehicles it presents to you.

    The cop car seems to have more illegal items in it so it’s good to get even at higher levels when you’re buying $30,000 cars to dismantle; don’t overlook the cheaper cars that show up. Trucks and tractors might yield more uncommon materials.

    Each time you first launch the game, deal with the incoming car on the flatbed first then head to the baler and unload the crushed car. Add the car with the shortest time to process then play other parts of the game but listen for the baler’s sound to know it’s completed. Repeat this process while playing. Before you close the game, add the car that will take the longest to crush so it will be ready next time you log in.

    Watch for the icon on the right to sell your illegal items, but don’t sell your illegal items for cash or energy as it’s not worth it. Instead, skip the cash or energy offerings and hold out for the rare items like nails, concrete, etc. This icon seems to appear more when you’re selling from the Stockroom so keep that side of the screen in your peripheral vision so you can grab it when it appears. 4/5 times they only offer cash and energy.

    Repair the Recycling Factory to convert SOME materials into others which are harder to obtain. The best one to use here is the Scrap Material, which is the crushed car you get from the baler. Before you crush a car you’ll see icons that show X out of 6 Scrap Materials that car will generate from going into the baler. The more expensive the car, the more Scrap Material you’ll get from it.

    Click on each of the buildings needing repair to see how many materials it will need, then head over to the Recycling Factory to convert some excess materials into the ones you lack.

    To get free diamonds, watch ads on mute while watching TV or Netflix or do the optional offers to get even more free diamonds.

    Repair the Oasis and the Field Of Dreams to get free energy. You can upgrade these to level 3 of 10 fairly reasonably and they’ll each generate 120 energy every few hours. Before closing the game be sure to collect the energy from them if you haven’t already so you will then be collecting 3x the energy after you’ve left the game.


  17. Buy as many soldering irons as you can, for no more than $6.50. Sell them, keeping one back, for $45+. You can make $1000000 in two or three transactions. Also invest in some diamonds. I bought 30000 and overnight it went up to 70000 and kept doing this. I now have over 100000. Enjoy the game


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