Junk Jack X, the engaging game developed by Pixbits, has received a brand new update which introduces quite a bit of new content to the game.

The new update, called 2.4 update, introduces electronics to the game, allowing players to create a lot of new things using wires, latches and several other devices. The system is so well done that players are even able to build a complete CPU, according to the developer. This inclusion is definitely a big one that furhter expands the already gameplay experience of Junk Jack X.

The new additions of the latest Junk Jack X update don’t end here. The Junk Jack X Electronics update also includes a new aquatic planet called Thetis, a reworked light engine, 25 new monsters, 10 new fish movs and more.

Updates aren’t a rare thing for Junk Jack X as the team has been constantly supporting their game with new content but the latest update is definitely the biggest the game has received. If you want to go wild with your creativity, now is the best time to start playing Junk Jack X.

Junk Jack X is now available for purchase for $4.99 on the App Store.



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