Jungle Cubes is another entry into the popular match-3 puzzle game genre. The beady-eyed jungle jewels have to be collected in order to advance your adventure through the wild jungle, so we’re going to help you out with our Jungle Cubes cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Ready to match those silly little cubes? Let’s get started with the ultimate Jungle Cubes cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.


1. You can move any piece anywhere, but it has to match!

The one thing that slightly differentiates Jungle Cubes from other match-3 games is that you can move any jewel anywhere. There are conditions to this, of course; the jewel you’re moving must end up in a match wherever it goes, and you only have about a second to move the jewel. If you’re quick enough, you can pull some cool maneuvers off, as jewels are moved in the opposite direction of the one you’re currently holding.

2. Match more than 3 to create the special tiles!

  • Matching 4 will create a blast tile, where there will be vertical or horizontal arrows point out on the tile. Matching jewels on the tile will cause a beam to shoot out in the direction that matches the arrows, collecting all the jewels in that direction. The tile will be created wherever you put the matching jewel at.
  • Matching 5 will create the almighty rainbow tile! Matching on the rainbow tile will cause all jewels of that matched type to explode. This is great for clearing a specific amount of jewels.
  • Matching jewels in a “L” formation will create the horizontal and vertical blast tile, which shoot outs a beam in both directions.
  • Matching jewels in a “T” or “+” formation will create the bomb tile, which will destroy all jewels surrounding the bomb tile.

3. Prioritize your level objectives!

The levels will have to trying to complete different objectives. Some require you to clear out every single mud tile, while some require you to collect a certain amount of a specific jewel, and so forth. Be sure to keep track of your objectives and do the hardest one first! For example, some levels require you to break open trapped jewels that are encrusted in stone. These are the hardest to do because in order to break stone you need to match adjacent to the stone to damage it. It takes 3 full matches to break open a stone, so it’s quite a hefty effort. Be sure to tackle this first before any other objective!

4. Try to set up long chains!

Because you have the ability to move any jewel wherever you want (so as long as you’re fast enough), you can set up some creative combos. When you move a jewel past another jewel, it will move in the opposite direction. For example, if you grab a jewel and start moving it directly upward, every jewel you pass will move down one space. Take advantage of this by shifting jewels around in positions that let you chain combo them.

5. Be efficient! Try to have left over moves!

When you fulfill all of your objectives, you’ll gain a bonus depending on how many moves you have left. For every move left, a random tile will be turned into a blast tile. If you had 10+ moves left, this could very well clear the entire screen earning you three stars on the level easily! The end level bonus is very big so always try to have some moves left over.

That’s about all we can cover for a general match-3 game. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below. Until next time!



  1. Juice cubes at #25 just keeps having the time over and over without allowing it to move playtime. Changing the time nor date helps.


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