Jump Rider: Crazy Boat Cheats: Tips & Guide to Reach New Records

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In today’s article we are going to tell you all of our Jump Rider: Crazy Boat tips and cheats to help you reach new records every single run you do. If you are a competitive person just like myself, you’ll want to surpass your previous records every single time, right?

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Well, if you want to achieve that, look no further because I’ll tell you exactly all the upgrades you need to do and all that you need to know for that to happen. So, let’s get that boat rowing quickly and unlock new records for you, shall we?

Then, without further ado, let’s dive right into the Jump Rider: Crazy Boat tips and tricks right here below!

Tap at the right time

This is what basically will keep you moving as swift as a lightning bolt. You want that because that’s how you reach top speeds and keep moving forth as much as possible. On the left side of the screen you will see a circle with a timer on it which is basically telling you when to tap to speed up.

You will have 3 possible tap options: when you tap and the timer is on red, it’s bad. Don’t do it because it’s a waste of speedup and it won’t get you far. If you tap when the timer is yellow, it’s slightly better, but still not ideal. That will boost you a little bit, obviously more than if you would tap on red, but it’s not the best.

If you tap when the timer is on green, that’s perfect. It will give you the best move speed boost and will pulsate you for hundreds of meters. That’s what you want to achieve every single time, but it might be difficult to do it 3/3 until you get used to it. 

I suggest that you are patient and tap right when the timer is on the end of the yellow line and right at the beginning of the green one, because 9 out of 10 times it will count as a perfect boost. That’s because there is a slight delay between when you tap and the time the game processes it, so you’re good.

Get used to the tiny green bar

This is going to require quite a bit of practice, but you know what they say – practice makes perfect. So keep on practicing and you will get used to the exact time needed to wait before you start and when you need to tap it. 

From what I have counted it takes between 3 seconds to 3.5 seconds – 3.8 seconds, so if you have the patience to make a count in your head and take your time to keep doing it again and again, you will master this in no time. 

Work on your balance

After you make several jumps – and you will – you will have to balance the boat, because otherwise it will crash and lose all your progress. Make sure you always pay close attention to this and balance it.

To make a perfect balance, this is what you need to do:

– tap and drag in the direction you want the boat to balance in. So for example, if your boat is leaning to the right, you want to tap and drag on the left side. (and the other way around)

– wait until it lines up with the green circle around it. This is super important because when it’s lined up you can make a perfect balance and it won’t turn to the side once it lands.

– keep making all the tiniest adjustments because they will make a huge difference in the distance you progress.

Make all the right upgrades

The upgrades will start at level 0 and will go up quite a bit. They are important if you want to keep on making money even while you are not playing, so if you want to do that, and make money when you are in game too, then let’s show you how to do that the best way.

First things first – there are 4 types of upgrades, but the order you do them in is important because it will make the difference between a good early investment and a bad one.

– Speed: This is very important because when you are actively playing you will need more speed to progress further. So it’s important to put a few points into it early on (5-8 points) as soon as you collect the necessary money for it.

– Booster: This is also important, but I prefer to not make this a priority yet, because I don’t see it as such a great upgrade for earlier stages – for later in the game, it is very good, but early on you want to be faster and don’t care so much for the boost.

– Bounciness: This upgrade is another one that I consider quite good, because once your boat runs out of boost, you will stop and will bounce (or not if the level is 0) a little bit further. I suggest putting a few points (I would say 4-5 points) here after you reach level 5 on the Speed.

– Offline Earnings: Now if you are not actively playing that much, you should put all your money into this upgrade. If you only just occasionally play, then put all the money you make into this and let it collect for you while you’re offline. 

In my opinion there are two good paths you can take, depending on your play style:

if you play actively, first and foremost start upgrading: Speed (5 points) -> Bounciness (3 points) -> Booster (2 or 3 points) -> Offline Earnings (3 points) -> Speed (as many points as you can) -> Bounciness (10 points) -> Max out Booster ->  Max out Speed -> Max out Bounciness -> Max out Offline Earnings.

– if you play passively (offline): Offline Earnings (10 points) -> Speed (5 points) -> Bounciness (5 points) -> Booster (3 points) -> Max out Offline Earnings -> Max out Speed -> Max out Booster -> Max out Bounciness.

Collect coins while you’re not playing

After you haven’t played the game you will receive some coins for being offline. These coins can be very good for making upgrades, so guess what? You can double them! If you take at most 30 seconds and watch an advertisement, your coins will double! 

So I really suggest that you do that because it’s a really useful thing to do!

Unlock new boats and try them out!

For every new level up you do you will unlock a new boat! Have a little fun and try them out as you go. I really like the first boat (the ducky) even if it’s the level 1 one. So have a little fun too and change them up!

These would be all of the Jump Rider: Crazy Boat tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you have other good rowing techniques to catch some crazy speeds? Then share them with us down in the comments below! 

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Jump Rider: Crazy Boat Cheats: Tips & Guide to Reach New Records

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