The legendary board game has found its way onto mobile platforms in the form of Jumanji: The Mobile Game! Jumanji takes the wild game and turns into a battle Monopoly type of game. Conquer the regions of Jumanji by claiming land and property, and don’t forget to equip your adventurer with powerful cards! Fight off opponents who try to take your property and come out on top with the help of our Jumanji: The Mobile Game cheats and tips!

Jumanji: The Mobile Game is a very competitive game, so you’re going to be rolling for big money in the Monopoly inspired game, so let’s get started with our Jumanji: The Mobile Game cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Buy property early!

Jumanji: The Mobile Game is essentially Monopoly with a Monopoly theme, so if you have any personal tips you use for Monopoly, they apply here as well! A general strategy that we like to employ is to buy property early on. The second you land on an unoccupied space, buy property there. The more property you amass on the board, the higher chances of players landing on your property. This is especially important if…

Build a good deck!

Your adventurer’s overall attack and defense stats are calculated by the sum of all your cards in your deck, including your own adventurer’s base stats. When your deck is full of high rarity cards, your attack and defense will be at awesome levels, and this is very important! You see, whenever an opponent lands on one of your properties they can either pay the toll fee or attack you.

When a battle occurs, the game will take the attacker’s attack stat and the defender’s defense stat of the property into play, then both players roll the dice for a bonus. As you can probably guess, the better your cards are, the more likely it is you’ll win a battle. If you have a great deck, opponents will be too afraid to tackle you in a battle, so they’ll most likely just cough up the toll fee.

Use special skills!

Once you’re high ranked enough to enter Stage 2, your cards will start to have skills on them. Skills have different activation conditions; some cards must be charged over a set amount of turns, while some cards can be used whenever you want, but have a limited amount of charges. There are some cards that have passive abilities that always active, too. Take care when deciding which cards to activate, because playing the right one at the right time could put you ahead!

One particularly helpful card is the purple rarity card you start out with, the Helicopter. This card takes a whopping eight turns to fully charge, but it allows you to immediately go to any of your opponent’s property spots. If your opponent is low on funds and you can easily beat them in battle, you can immediately put them into bankruptcy!

While it’s perfectly fine to just use cards based on their attack and defense stats, it’s also a viable strategy to build your deck around skills. You may have to sacrifice some stats for it, but a deck with good skills that synergize with each other can be incredibly powerful in the right hands!

Check in for your free bag!

You can claim a free goodie bag every four hours. It’ll contain cash and some cards, most of which will be common rarity, but you can always level up your old cards to make them powerful. The point is that you want to get as many bags as possible, because earning new cards is the main method of becoming more powerful in Jumanji.

Whether you’re getting brand new shiny cards or old cards to level up, you’re constantly getting stronger if you’re opening bags. Don’t forget to start their unlock timers too!

That’s all for Jumanji: The Mobile Game. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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