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Jumanji: Epic Run Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Earning Lots of Gold

Jumanji: Epic Run Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Earning Lots of Gold

An ancient relic known as the Falcon Jewel has been stolen by thieves, and now the world of Jumanji is once again in danger! Jumanji: Epic Run is a new endless runner adaption to the recently released film Jumanji: The Next Level. In Epic Run, you will join Smolder, Mouse, Ruby, and Shelly on their journey to restore peace to Jumanji.

In our Jumanji: Epic Run tips and tricks guide, we will go over all the way to make your run truly epic. We will show you how to rescue all of the team, and how to grab tons of gold. Let’s get started with our Jumanji: Epic Run cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to earning lots of gold!

Run through and collect gold!

Jumanji: Epic Run is first and foremost an endless runner, so you will gain points on whatever you do during the run. Scoring high is pretty awesome, but in the end it is not the points you want, it is the gold!

There is gold strewn about the course, and you want to try to collect as much as possible. Jumanji: Epic Run controls just like any other endless runner game: you swipe to the right or left to change lanes, swipe down to slide, and swipe up to jump up. Run for as long as you can while grabbing as many gold bars as possible!

Grab the power ups to get more gold!

If you are lucky, you may come across one of the four random power ups floating around the level. Be sure to grab it as these power ups can really help get you out!

The Gold Doubler doubles every gold pick up you see. See that row of gold that is normally worth 10 gold? With the Gold Doubler, it is now worth 20 gold! Ignore everything else and go only for gold when you have the Gold Doubler active!

The Magnet will pull all gold and power ups to you, no matter where they are. With the Magnet, you do not have to worry about going out of your way to grab gold. You can just focus on getting through the obstacles!

The Shield will protect you for a single hit. It does not seem like much, but it comes in handy when the game starts getting really fast.

The Dune Buggy starts a little minigame where you get behind the wheel of the team’s Dune Buggy. The level layout changes a bit, as you now have boost pads that speed you up. If you go flying you can grab some goodies in the air.

Complete the missions!

As you are running, you may notice a green box at the bottom of the screen. This is your current mission, and it will ask you to do things like, take out an enemy, collect a power up, and other miscellaneous objectives.

Every time you complete a mission, you will receive a new one, and your complete missions are tallied at the end of the run. Whenever you complete five missions, you will earn a loot chest!

To open a loot chest, you must go back to the main menu and tap on your chests. You can hold up four chests: one chest opening, and three sitting in reserve. To open a chest, you must start the process, which usually takes around 3 hours to complete. After it is done, the chest is yours to open!

You can also earn chests by watching an advertisement, paying gold, or paying with berries, the premium currency of the game. We do not recommend you do any of these options because you need those currencies to progress, and instead stick with the chests you earn from runs.

Piece together the map to advance and unlock new characters!

You can spend your gold and gems on restoring map pieces. Every zone has map pieces that must be restored three times before they are legible, and if you restore all pieces fully you will rescue the next character and unlock a new zone to play in.

Half of the pieces require gold to restore, and the other half requires gems. This is why we recommend saving your gems for the sole purpose of restoring, as you will need a lot of them in order to progress in a timely manner.

Power up your character’s ability!

Each character has a unique ability that let’s them mow down tons of enemies and obstacles with relative ease. For Smolder, it is his trust boomerang, and for Ruby, it is her deadly nunchucks.

You can spend gold to upgrade these abilities to make them more destructive and last longer. You are always given the ability once you run far enough, so it is a good investment!

Upgrade the power ups!

In addition to your character skills, the four power ups can also be upgraded, but you cannot do it with gold. Whenever you open a chest, you may sometimes find power up tokens – one for each kind of power up.

If you get enough tokens, you can upgrade that power up, but be warned – this only applies to the currently selected character AND their costume selection, more on that below.

Upgrading the Gold Doubler, Magnet, and Shield extends their durations, enabling you to reap the benefits for longer. Upgrading the Dune Buggy lets you earn bonus gold while you are in the buggy.

The costumes have more power up potential!

Every character four different costumes that determine how much their power ups can be upgraded.

Everyone starts out in their default Standard clothes, and this allows them to upgrade their power ups to rank 2.

The first unlockable costume is the Vintage costume, and you need to beat the character’s chapter to unlock it. It allows power ups to go up to rank 4.

The second unlockable costume is the Explorer costume, and it costs 250 gems to unlock. It allows power ups to go up to rank 6.

The final unlockable costume is the Mountain costume, costing a whopping 500 gems to unlock. Your power ups can be taken all the way to rank 8!

Since the Explorer and Mountain sets have a hefty gem fee, you got to think about which costume you want to use more. Gems are fairly hard to come by since you can only get them from the chests.

Watch out for the chase scenes!

Sometimes when you are running through a level, you will come across uneven terrain that must be crossed or a pack of animals waiting for their next meal.

The most common scene you will encounter is the pack of wild animals. If you pass by a large group of animals, a vulture will yell at you and the camera will turn around so that you can see behind you. Animals will run at you from behind, and you must get out of the way quickly. Sometimes they will be holding bags of gold, so grab those if you dare!

Sometimes your character will have to climb up a completely vertical wall. These climbing scenes are not too bad as you do not move too fast, but just watch out for falling debris. They can catch you off guard if you are not paying attention!

The last scene you can encounter is the dive scene. Your character will come across a waterfall, so they will jump off it with lots of flair. There is not too much to these scenes – just move out of the way of obstacles and grab the gold.

That’s all for Jumanji: Epic Run! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Jumanji: Epic Run Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Earning Lots of Gold



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