Get ready for the juiciest match-3 puzzle game ever! Juice Jam is a simple match-3 game from the makers of the hit game Cookie Jam. There are tons of juicy levels for you to get through, so let’s get started with our Juice Jam cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Try to create the special pieces!

As with any other match-3 puzzle game, the trick to beating the tougher levels is to always aim for the special pieces.

  • Matching 4 pieces will create a Blaster piece. This piece, when activated, will shoot out a beam and instantly match all pieces in the row or column it’s in.
  • Matching pieces in a square formation will shoot out a rocket, which will randomly create a Blaster piece of that same type.
  • Matching 5 pieces will create the rainbow piece. Moving this piece onto any other regular piece type will instantly match all pieces of that type no matter their position on the board!
  • Matching 6 pieces will create the super magnet. When this magnet is dragged into any other piece, it will attract pieces of that type from all over the board. They will surround the magnet and then immediately be matched. When they’re moving towards the magnet, they will shift other pieces around!

There are more special pieces to be found! Experiment, and even try combining two special pieces into one!

2. Plan out your moves!

Again like most match-3 games, there’s no time limit! You’re free to take as long as you wish with each move, and you’re going to have to once you get to the later, tougher stages. It is also crucial to upping your score to put you closer to the 3-star rank. With each left over move you have once you beat the level, you will get a free blaster piece. This gives you a big boost to your score, so take your time and try to conserve your moves!

3. Deal with the bees!

On certain levels your customers will ask you for honey. You can create honey panels by matching 3 bees or more, then serving it by matching normal pieces on top of the honey. Only a few customers will ask for honey, so if you’re down to your last couple of customers and none of them are asking for honey, ignore the bees. Only match bees if they’re in your way.

4. Clear obstructions as fast as possible!

On some levels there will be empty cake tins lying around. These serve no purpose – they’re only there to get in your way! Thankfully, if you make a match next to them, they will disappear, allowing more fruit to flow in. Some levels have empty tins all over the board, and it is imperative you clear them as fast as possible. Letting them hang around means less fruit coming in, which in turn means less chances to match things. Get rid of them!

If you’ve got any other strategies let us know in the comments below!


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