Juice Cubes is a brand new game published by Rovio and like all games that Rovio gets involved with, it’s extremely addictive and nice, even though it follows a good known path like most match three games do.

However, some extra tips and tricks for Juice Cubes can never be considered a bad idea, and that’s what we have here: a set of Juice Cubes cheats, tips and tricks to help you clear all the boards and get as many three star ratings as possible.

So if you want to become a pro and beat all levels in the game, here are our tips and tricks for Juice Cubes:

1. Go for matches that are as long as possible

Just like in all games of this kind, your goal should be that of matching four or more fruits in one go. The best idea is to try and match 8 fruits in a row for a special super powerful fruit that clears all the fruits of the color you’ll match it with.

2. Plan your special fruit’s location

You should keep in mind that when creating a special fruit, the last one in your match will become that special fruit.

So check out the board first and see where it would be the most useful for you to have that fruit: either nearby another special one to trigger a chain reaction, or maybe positioned in such a way that it makes it easier to destroy a hard to reach obstacle.

3. Know your special fruits

In strings of 4-7 fruit, the way you end your string determines the type of special fruit and its effect:

– If you end the string vertically (up or down): The bomb will clear the column.
– If you end the string horizontally (left or right): The bomb will clear a row.
– If you end the string diagonally: The bomb will clear the nine fruits surrounding it.

4. No continuous matches after one is made

Have in mind that unlike other similar match three games, Juice Cubes will never give you matches for fruits that drop down, so always focus on getting the highest score from your matches.

Still, it’s worth having some sort of a strategy when matching the fruits, making sure that after the drop you will get even longer matches.

5. Be as fast as possible

For a score as high as possible, do your best to complete the level with as many moves left as possible. For each unused move you get 3,000+ points, so that’s real juice there!

6. Don’t always stay away from short matches

Although it’s generally a bad idea to create strings of just three fruits, in some cases it might be the best option.

For example, when you want to clear a hard to get to obstacle or when you want to drop some fruits for a super long combo. Make sure to always look at the board and know what to expect.

7. Replay levels

Sometimes, you might simply be unlucky with the positions of the juice cubes, and sometimes replaying the level will get you the three star rating that in other cases is impossible to get. So don’t be afraid to replay levels to get what you want.

Actually, some of the more advanced levels (think 100 and above) won’t be easy to complete in just one go if you’re a free to play player, so be prepared to play them over and over again.

Some are more difficult than others and usually after a really difficult one that takes tons of tries, you will get a set of easier levels to relax more… but be prepared for some seemingly impossible levels out there!

8. Don’t shy away from that star

All you need to pass a level is reaching one star. So don’t be a perfectionist and try to get the three stars in all levels. It’s a lot more fun to simply unlock new ones and try them instead of obsessively play the same one over and over again until you master it.

Leave those levels that you haven’t mastered for later on, when you will feel like trying them again or when you’re stuck at a level and you need a break or distraction.

9. The time lapse cheat

If you run out of lives, but you want to keep on playing, there’s one easy trick to get them for free:

Force quit the game and go to your device’s settings, then set the time forward by up to 100 minutes (the amount required for a full set of lives). Then return to the game and play some more, with your new set of easily-earned lives.

10. Mix your specials

Special fruits are great, but if you want even better results, you should mix those specials in order to get truly devastating matches. This requires a bit of planning (and a lot of luck), but try to keep the special fruits for later on – when you can mix them with another special for increased effects.

And this would be it – some pretty basic stuff in the end, but that’s how we do it: nice and basic for the top score. If you have other tips and tricks to share with fellow Juice Cubes players for this amazing game, let us know by commenting below.

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  1. I can’t complete level 98- I got rid of all shells on right hand column but have “hit” the flower at the bottom several times but bucket won’f fall through!!

  2. Why can’t we get a list of who is playing so we can request whatever to unlock certain levels? I need help on 36, but don’t know who to ask:-(

  3. Look me up on Facebook and friend me, just make sure you send message with it saying its for juice cube or I won’t accept. Then we can send requests to each other.

    • How did you get through Level 151? I’ve been playing this level for 10 days…have tried special 8 bombs…round bombs linked together…square bombs linked together…and mismatched bombs. Generally only get about 15 out of 30…closest was 27 out of 30…but points weren’t high enough. I don’t buy anything extra…so trying to conquer this with skill…and am extremely frustrated! Thanks…Jude

      • In general, if you Google [juice cubes 151], replacing 151 by whatever level you’re having trouble with, you’ll find the top answer or two are YouTube videos of a successful walkthrough of that level. Sometimes there are two versions, one from a computer (that shows a pointer) and one that looks like it’s from an iPad or some kind of tablet (no pointer). I slightly prefer the computer one, because you can watch that cursor and kind of see the strategy being used, whereas with the tablet patterns of cubes sometimes get drawn and deleted so quickly you almost miss it. Unfortunately, the videos seem to stop around level 182, and I’m on level 285. :) But, then, I only resorted to video help on one or two levels. A comment on FaceBook makes me think there are currently 310 levels, and at least two people have reached that level, but I don’t know that for a fact, as the comments were not in English. Working my there now…

        • Nope. The highest level, at least on the iPad, is level 295. I just finished it and got a message saying “Coming Soon!”, and “In the meantime, connect with us on FaceBook and get all the latest news first!”, with a “Follow us” link to FaceBook.

        • Thanks. I watched the videos…but…really? Multiple strings of eight. Either player is extremely lucky…or cubes weren’t randomly dropped. I did, however, play one game where I got 27 out of 30…using what I learned from the video re super cubes. I’d originally decided supers were not the key. Anyway…thanks…hope they soon release more levels for you! …Jude

          • I rewatched the video and there were two key strategies there, I think. One was to use the 8-cube, multi-fruit, super bomb, as you noted, specifically in combination with the straight, vertical or horizontal, TNT-bombs. When you drag those together, every other piece of fruit of the type of the TNT also turns into TNT, and you get a lot of distant damage, that you need to break through all those protected sand cells. The other was to use pairs of round bombs. Two round bombs cause wider spread damage than other bomb types in combo (except those super bombs, of course). Note that combining super bombs with round bombs doesn’t seem to really do much. So super bombs paired with TNT, and pairs of round bombs, every chance you get. And the cube flow is clearly designed to give you more chances at super bombs than in some other levels. So it’s a workable strategy for this tough level. HTH, and good luck!

        • Great! Glad you cleared it, and glad I could help! They did open up 296 to 310, but nothing since then. Going through Juice Cube withdrawals here…

          • Keep focusing on getting pairs of dynamite sticks. You obviously have to also watch out for the time bombs, but you don’t have to worry too much about the mix of cubes or the score. The necessary cubes will come from blowing up the pairs of dynamite sticks. And the necessary score will come from finishing a turn or two early the first time you get a lucky sequence of cubes that lets you build the dynamite efficiently. I think the only other thing I tended to do was build the dynamite from as many cubes as possible, *unless* leaving the cubes behind benefitted you in some other way. 275 was a bear at first, but can definitely be beat without buying anything. Good luck!

          • what larryy says is right on level 275 – you just need to focus on the pairs of dynamite sticks, the rest will take care of itself. I got 275 at the 3rd attempt this way. I can also confirm there are many levels above 310, currently on 320 and there’s no end in sight (on iphone app)

      • Well I completed that level and am now on 299. Have been on 299…playing almost daily…for…ready?…a year! Closest I’ve gotten to 16000 is 12700.

        Of particular interest…every so often…on the map where you click on level to play…in the upper left corner…there’s a challenge. Click on it and earn points/coins to purchase extra time! I’ve collected six but need nine to extend time. This section is only available for set periods of time…hours or days.

    • I don’t know to get the sodas. Sometimes the countdown changes, but too quick for me to see what I did right!

      To get the bombs: string together four fruits…ending on a diagonal. Multi colored super piece: string together eight or more fruits. The bomb and super piece can be used either by matching them to two fruits of the same color…or you can place two so that they’re adjacent…then connect those two and ba-boom!

    • Has anyone helped…or did you solve 151? I’ve been playing this level for 10 days and am extremely frustrated. I’ve used all kinds of bombs/fruits…eight fruit supers…square fruits…fruit colored bombs…matched…mismatched…mostly only get 15 out of 30. Can you please HELLLLLP, …J

  4. im stuck on level 102 also cannot figure out how to get the bombs or the sodas can someone please help me i think iv tried everything i know how to get them to appear please

  5. I ran out of lives yesterday so i closed the game. Early today, i started to play but still had no lives. Instead, it said i still had 58 minutes to wait. I closed the game, again & waited till evening to try it, again. This time it said I still had 48 minutes to wait. I tried Moving my time up 100 minutes & went back to the game but it still doesn’t seem to be working. Any other suggestions???

    • You need 3 tickets. Ask friends for them or click the box and it will give you a time to wait. You can set clock forward in settings and get one if you can’t wait. And return clock back. I haven’t done that yet but others have. I just wait.
      The sand castles come in quick so you have to play fast bit it happens.

    • I e been stuck in 151 for more than a week. There’s a tutorial on YouTube…Juice Cubes Level ***will bring up the tutorials for a number of levels…sometimes more than one solution. Unfortunately, Level 151 didn’t help all that much. Did get 27 out of 30, though! When you figure it out…and if it’s a new approach…please share solution. In the meantime…when you get really, really frustrated, play an old level…one you got three stars for… it will help your disposition! Good Luck…Judeela

    • I’m afraid level 275 can’t be beat, not without making in-game purchases of boosters. I’ve seen two other comments to this effect on another forum, and no offers of solutions anywhere. Waah! It’s the end of an era. Too bad, I’d have happily paid Rovio for this app and played it to completion, probably even paid for an expansion pack with extra levels, but I won’t support a game designed to require in-app purchases in order to advance. Alas, poor Juice Cubes, we knew you well.

    • Well, son of a gun. 275 can be beat, just barely. You just have to be very lucky, and concentrate on making those bomb pairs, making each bomb with as many cubes as possible (unless leaving some behind allows another bomb to be made, or positions your cubes or bombs better). If you happen to get a good sequence of cubes, you can finish one or two moves early, which together with the points you earned during the game will be just enough. I finished one move early and just barely squeaked by. I saw something on FaceBook that makes me think the highest level is 310, FWIW.

      • Actually, the highest level, at least on the iPad, is level 295. I just finished it and got a message saying “Coming Soon!”, and “In the meantime, connect with us on FaceBook and get all the latest news first!”, with a “Follow us” link to FaceBook. How about that.

  6. So, just FYI, as of today, 4/13/14, the highest level, at least on the iPad, is level 295. I just finished it and got a message saying “Coming Soon!”, and “In the meantime, connect with us on FaceBook and get all the latest news first!”, with a “Follow us” link to FaceBook. Now what do I do? ;)

      • Woohoo! The iPad app got an update today, and there are at least a few new levels. I can see that this map area is fully populated now, instead of half-populated as it used to be. Don’t know how many new levels there, but I’m looking forward to finding out!

          • After a while able to pass level 275, even 2 steps left at the end :) After that without much difficulties passed till the last 310 level for a couple of days. Waiting for more, but more difficult as even all new obstacles like the freeze or the metal shredder the strategy to pass the levels is the same…

  7. Been on level 118 for 3 months getting ready to delete game really frustrated does anyone know how do do this please let me know cause I have tried everything

  8. I have been stuck on 178 for three months posted the wrong one earlier does anyone have a clue on how to win thus one getting ready to delete the whole game not fun playing it anymore thanks

    • The same advice applies, but just change the number to the level you actually need help with, so Google [juice cubes 178]. I just rewatched it to remind myself what that level is, and basically there’s no magic solution, you just have to be sure to make bombs using a diagonal move on the final leg as often as possible. You might need to make a few three-cube moves, to blow up shells and clear a little space to get enough cubes to make those four-cube bombs, but you want to do the minimum amount of that that is actually necessary. Good luck!

  9. Damn, on level 320 one time I was able to mark 5/6 and the last one stuck with one fruit below. Used strategy to create a multifruit bomb and a mixture of several vertical bombs on the right places, depends on the luck. This one is hard like 275, but seems possible without paying for extra turns/bombs.

  10. Yeah, I beat 320 without paying for anything extra. Mostly had to keep replaying and get lucky, but the only strategy, such as it is, was to try to make pairs of round bombs towards the middle and bottom, to do wide area damage, and to try to get all the buckets down on top of the barriers before breaking those barriers, so you don’t get so much frozen fruit beneath the buckets. That’s pretty much it, plus luck.

  11. However, level 324 is killing me. There was one like this earlier in the game, and it was my nemesis for a great, long time. Any thoughts or strategies on 324 extremely welcome!

      • Huh. I’d like to watch you play 324, Gadget. That was an absolute killer for me. Granted, I thought I was going to have to give up the game on 275, way back when, but just for the heck of it I just went back and played it and beat it in four attempts. 324 is *way* harder for me. 320 was hard, for sure, but still not quite in the same league as 324 for me. With 324 I either never clear all the blocking squares at the top, or I get blown up by a time bomb at the bottom, and because I have trouble clearing those blocks at the top, cubes don’t fall in those columns and it’s really hard to do any damage or build what you need to clear the time bombs at the bottom. I think I only finally beat 324 because I just got lucky with the sequence of cubes. It also took some careful play, paying attention to every threat and opportunity, but unless you’re very lucky I don’t think any strategy is guaranteed or even likely to succeed. But, as always, YMMV. :)

        Definitely hungry for more! :) I’d happily pay them for an expansion pack that they would guarantee could be completed without making in-game purchases. But I won’t make in-game purchases, even for this, one of my favorite games of all time.

        • Yes, 324 is hard with all scenarios mentioned, but some tricks are helpful: starting to clear the blocking cubes, then creating fruit bombs which can handle several time bombs mainly on the bottom, which is helping also to remove the freezing cubes. Also a multi fruit bomb to clear more blocking cubes. Once 1-2 buckets started to drop, the dropping fruits from top are helping me to remove the rest blocking cubes. And at all it is also a matter of luck. After 2 days and about 20 replays, I had a game with 6-7 turns left and just one bucket blocked with one fruit, but no suitable fruits clear or to make a bomb. After some calculations and luck I succeeded exactly on the last move

      • I may have gotten lucky with 320 (even though it still took several attempts) but 324 is kicking my butt far harder – all over the board.
        Like a lot of others, I won’t buy in game, so I’ll just keep trying. Good to know you got through 325 since I saw others having no luck there (at least I know it’s doable). Hopefully 325 won’t be like this one…

        • I don’t remember the details of 325 off hand, but I know it was nowhere near as hard as 324, for me anyway. I thought 324 was the hardest level of all, but I must say, I think I also got lucky on 320, because having revisited it, it’s a bear!

  12. I am stuck in level 275 , but i am happy cuz i ve played the rest of the levels without a single purchase or any Fb help . All done alone ! Cheers for rovio for such a good game thanks a lot

    • Hear hear! Juice Cubes is a truly remarkable game. Each level feels different from the last, the challenges and strategies required to overcome them vary a lot, and there are many, many more game elements and possible strategies than any of the other connect-the-squares type games. It’s the most fun and most addictive game I’ve come across in a long time. It’s in a league with the first Plants vs. Zombies and the first Angry Birds. Though obviously very different, I even have a fondness for it that rivals such classics as Halo and Super Mario 64, which is really saying something for a 2D strategy game. Major kudos to the game’s designers, programmers, and testers!

      I sincerely wish Rovio would come up with a way for me to reward them monetarily that didn’t involve making incremental, in-game purchases. I simply won’t do that, for any game. But I would happily “vote with my dollars” for the makers of this game in something like an expansion pack or sequel or anything with similar game mechanics from these people.

      ***** Spoilers below for solving 275, in case you really don’t want any help… *****

      And keep pounding on 275. You’ll get there. Just keep focusing on getting those pairs of dynamite sticks. You obviously have to also watch out for the time bombs, but you don’t have to worry too much about the mix of cubes or the score. The necessary cubes will come from blowing up the pairs of dynamite sticks. And the necessary score will come from finishing a turn or two early the first time you get a lucky sequence of cubes that lets you build those dynamite sticks efficiently. I think the only other thing I tended to do was build the dynamite from as many cubes as possible, *unless* leaving the cubes behind benefitted you in some other way. Good luck!

  13. Reached the last available level at the moment 340. The most difficult from the last 15 levels was definitely 330. It makes impression that the developers of JC are creating just 1-2 tricky levels in a set of 15. Also in the last levels you have 60 turns (too mich), but the target is 100K+ points, so you need to have more than the half turns available when you complete the task.

    • I’ll go back and try this level again and see if I can help, hopefully tomorrow. Lots of people have trouble with 320. So you have something to look forward to, I found 324 a whole lot harder than 320. :}

    • Phew, I must have gotten very lucky before, because I just played level 320 for over an hour and didn’t even get particularly close. I think I focused on trying to get pairs of round bombs as high up as possible, in order to get all of the buckets down to the barriers (sea shells), before breaking all the way through those sea shells, so as to keep from getting a bunch of frozen fruit underneath the buckets. Maybe that and a particularly well-timed multi-fruit/dynamite combo to clear the shells once the buckets are down there (or a couple such combos) would do the trick. But a very lucky sequence is required, no matter the strategy on this one, I think. Sorry, wish I could help more.

    • Just replayed 320 and passed it from the first try an left with 2 turns. Cannot say I got just a lucky sequence, but also I was thinking what to do and what to expect ahead. I think we can create a list of most challenging levels for replay, while waiting the expansion

      • Please describe your strategy, iGadget. Anyone playing at level 320 is thinking about what to do and planning ahead. While I’m waiting on new levels I’ve been replaying 320 a bit to see if I can develop a reliable strategy, trying out different things to focus on, to see if I can help the others who are stuck there. But I’ve not been having much luck. I’d love to hear what you intended to do and what combinations and positions you looked to create as you planned ahead. And I’m sure people who are genuinely stuck there would appreciate it a lot!

        • Hi larryy, for 320 the hit of 2 round bombs is most effective as you said before and I’m trying to create them as close to the top of the shells as possible on the mid-left and mid-right side. If not possible at least a vertical bomb to combine with such round bombs. Then at some point when the buckets are in the middle and the bottom shells are freed, you have some fruits there and even frozen I’m trying to create also such round bombs. If lucky a multifruit bomb is also welcome to explode with a combination of vertical or horizontal fruit. Sometime it’s better to sacrifice an obvious turn to prepare a bigger hit. It’s all about a combination of luck, strategy and patience :)

          • That helps. The main strategy is pairs of round bombs as low as possible, to the extent possible. Haven’t beat it again yet, but got 4 of the 6 buckets and would have had the remaining 2 in two more moves. So much closer than what I was doing before. For others struggling with 320, this sounds like the best approach. Pairs of round bombs down low, and then get lucky, with maybe a multi-fruit bomb.

        • Just replayed also 324. After 7 tries the target was achieved. Getting better. Not sure what is going on, but my last replies to you sent as Gadget are not showing up.

    • For any level up to something like 265 you can just Google [juice cubes ###], where ### is the level number you need help with. Watch the video for ideas about how to beat the level. Often there are two videos for each level. I prefer the one from a computer rather than the one from the tablet, because you can see the mouse pointer moving around and see what cubes are being considered before they start being connected and always know where to look for the connection pattern when it starts.

  14. well I think I just about had it with this game been on 178 for 4 months and know natter what I do can’t get even close this game sucks and am not giving in and buying any helps I have read some of the clues pople have sent and still doesn’t do any good

  15. Help with level 140. I’ve watched the YouTube videos, but nothing helps. What is the sequence for making the solid colored round bombs needed to get (10) for this level. The videos looks like they are stringing 5 cubes together, but when I do that, sometimes I get the square dynamite, sometimes I get the round bombs. I can’t figure out any rhyme or reason? Anyone able to help?

    • Ah, finally one I can answer outright… It takes a minimum of four cubes in a row to make either the dynamite or the round bombs. If the last two cubes connected are horizontal you get a horizontal piece of dynamite. If the last two cubes connected are vertical you get a vertical piece of dynamite. If the last two cubes connected are diagonal you get a round bomb. And, as you appear to have discovered, they have very different properties and benefits. Dynamite is great for reaching distant squares. Round bombs are good for area effects. In particular, pairs of round bombs blow up a particularly large area and are a great way to get lots of points and clear large areas of the screen. See if this doesn’t help your game.

    • Also, it can be good to make dynamite and bombs with more than the minimum four cubes, sometimes, because it avoids leaving a stray cube of a particular type out on its own where it might block other cube combinations. More often than not it’s good to use as many connected cubes as you can. But not always. Sometimes you can leave some cubes behind to connect up with like cubes after getting some other cubes out of the way, or to keep a particular pattern amongst some other cubes. You’ll figure out that you can only get dynamite when the cubes are in some patterns and only get bombs when they’re in other patterns, because of that dependency on the way you connect the final pair of cubes.

      Also, stare at the cubes for a bit and think of alternate ways of connecting them… With some patterns you can choose to make either dynamite or bomb, and you can choose to place the resulting dynamite or bomb in one column or another, which can make a real difference in what you’re able to accomplish with it.

  16. I have been stuck on level 104 for 3 months, what is the magic solution to get out !! I am ready to never play it again! I don’ t know what I’m doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated!

    • The trick is to make horizontal explosions to take out those shells, so the buckets can fall from the bottom block to the top block and out. You can make horizontal explosions a number of ways. A horizontal dynamite with enough nearby cubes of the same type to set it off. A dynamite of either type next to any type dynamite or round bomb; drag the two together and it’ll take out that row (as well as that column).

      The other thing that can be very useful is pairs of round bombs, with at least one of those bombs at the extreme left or right edge, like those two the level starts with on the left. When you drag them together you knock out shells across the gap.

      You can always Google [juice cubes 104] or whatever level you’re stuck on, up to something like 265, to see how someone else solved it, which can help a lot.

  17. I have completed level 340 and am waiting for new levels to appear. For me, level 324 was a killer. I spent ages thinking “this is not possible” but, knowing that other people had completed the level without making any purchases kept me trying – so thank you for that guys! Proud to say that I haven’t spent a penny so far. It IS POSSIBLE TO GET THAT FAR WITHOUT BUYING ‘cheats’, but you do need a lot of luck as well as the skills learned along the way. Its frustrating that multi-fruit bomb ‘sandwiches’ and even DOUBLE MULTI-fruit bomb sandwiches seem to have little effect on these tougher levels, that is, until you’ve cleared all the snowflake thingies! Sorry I can’t offer any pacific tips, except THINK about every precious move and it will pay dividends. I managed to clear 324 with so many spare moves in the end it was a shock! Mega-points was my reward. Will this game ever have an end though? I hope so – I want my spare time back!!!

    • Heh, I know exactly what you mean. Part of me desperately wants the next levels beyond 340. Part of me is grateful they’re not there yet, because I know what I’d be doing if they were! :) And, yeah, on some of these levels you just have to get lucky, no matter how skilled you are, but then the level can yield like it was easy, when we know better! 324 was my nemesis too, for quite a long time.

  18. Well, finished through level 370, the new upper limit. There’s a whole new ice zone starting with 366, but there are only five levels in it so far. Between 340 and 370 there were a couple of levels I had to play a few times, but no really painful ones like 320 and 324.

    • Hi,
      Just to thank you for your careful descriptions of how to approach the different levels. I was thinking of quitting the whole game when I got stuck on level 178 for hundreds of attempts, but when I learned about finishing a move on a diagonal, I completed the level with ease and now feel reenergized to continue.

  19. For anyone struggling with level 320, I must have played it at least a hundred times before I got lucky with the arrangement of cubes. Ironically I finished with 6 move left and scored three stars. Round bombs are the key!

  20. How can I get to level 21 without connecting to FB and without spending my gold bars? I have been playing on my droid and am at level 108. I just recently got the app on my ipad and I don’t want to sync them.

  21. While waiting the new levels just replayed 320. From the first try I succeed and 13 turns left which brought me 3 stars an 54410 points. Getting better :)

    • First clean the sand castles, then continue down. Round bombs, multi fruit ones are welcome. Also try to combine with the frozen fruits to save turns.

    • Start clearing the central bottom shells with combination of bombs. Try to create a multi fruit bomb and before to use it with vertical or horizontal one, chech the perimeter to hit more sand castles. Otherwise continue with vertical bombs to clean them. You have 60 turns. More than enough to clear the level.

  22. Just passed level 400. Last 15 levels are really nice compared to the last 100 except 320 and 324. You need a good strategy for them. Waiting for more like these.

    • iOS is only up to 385. Lost my iPad :( but got it back :). But while it was gone I pulled out an old iPad and started again from scratch! At first I was trying to get three stars for every level, but between getting stuck on a bad level (stuck getting three stars, not winning it) and your having posted that there were levels beyond where I had played, I decided to just plow through all the levels and try to catch up to the latest. It was fun, and good experience… A handful of levels were still hard, particularly the timed ones (I hate those), but the two that I used to think were the hardest — 320 and 324 — I beat 320 the first go, and beat 324 on the second attempt. My planning ahead has definitely gotten better. Anywho, I’m as far as I can go in the iPad version, and looking forward to this next set of levels you mention!

      • Good to hear you again and you got your iPad back. You will enjoy the next levels, not so hard as 275, 320, 324, but definitely not boring. Wait for the update.

        • They finally released the fifteen levels leading up to 400 on iOS when they updated for iOS 8. It was probably just easier to do the single combined release instead of doing two separate releases. I beat the 15 new levels within one or two days of them showing up on my iPad, but it sure was fun to have them. You’re right that they were a nice level of difficulty–none of them killers, but a number of them took some thought and planning.

          By the way, if you haven’t tried Jungle Cubes, you should. At first it seems like a complete Juice Cubes clone, which could be fun in itself, but actually the available moves and the necessary strategies are quite a bit different. Since other cubes shift position as you move the main cube you’ve selected, sometimes the best move is to drag a cube to make a block you don’t even care about, because it drops a better cube into the vacated slot. I’m definitely enjoying it while waiting on more Juice Cubes levels. Lost Cubes is okay, but a bit boring after a fairly short time for me. But Jungle Cubes is looking to be fairly addictive. Uh oh. And yay!

  23. So it’s been a couple of days but my hearts have not replenished. Every time I open the game it seems to restart at 30 min and 0 hearts. Does anyone know how to fix, move past this glitch?

  24. Just finished Level 400. I felt everything past Level 324 was rather easy. But 324 was Killer for me… Let’s see when the next levels will arrive… at least I have some free time for now:)

    • 324 is one of, if not *the* hardest level in the game. Everybody struggles with it at first. I think multi-fruit bombs plus dynamite helped the most, because you could clear multiple time bombs and continue to break down the barriers at the top at the same time. Of course, you need a lucky sequence of cubes to be able to make those combos multiple times, but this is one of those levels where they’re not given to you, you have to plan ahead and get other cubes out of the way to make it possible build the multi-fruit bomb. Of course keep your eye on the combinations at the top and the bomb timers, every single time step, because you can’t afford to miss a single opportunity to break a barrier at the top or let a single time bomb reach zero. Keep at it, and it’ll yield. Good luck!

  25. Level298 is problems…when I create a multifruit and connect it with another fruit bomb the surrounding areas are not highlighted to blow up… The bomb just disappears on the game … Is this suppose to happen …very frustrating…

  26. Juice it doesn’t stop the game, but it is annoyingly distracting. You can keep playing. It seems to be newly added. I am also stuck on 435 and I may have passed it a couple times if I had known it wasn’t the end of my time when juice it popped up.

  27. I’m also stuck on level 435. I’ve never had this much trouble passing a level before. It’s made me not bother playing the game much anymore. Did anyone figure it out?

  28. I am stuck here with Deb and William at level 732. I’ve juggled bombs, dynamite, & superbombs, but no luck moving those blue tortoise shells or whatever they are. Can’t move them, explode them, or even mildly inconvenience them. Surely Deb, William and I aren’t the only ones on Island 732?

  29. Level 710- you have to make the smiley round fruits and get them below, then make the sandwich and another smiley above and join them for the blow-up on the lower part


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