Journeys: Interactive Series Cheats: Tips & Guide to Play the Stories & Get More Gems

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Journeys: Interactive Series tips and cheats to help you get a ton of Gems and learn how to better handle the stages.

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In game you will make various choices which will affect the reaction of the characters you interact with. Since you have only one choice (in theory – I’ll go over this more in detail below) you should always try to make the best of it.

So if you want to learn everything there is to know about Journeys: Interactive Series, then let’s not waste another moment and dive right into the Journeys: Interactive Series tips and tricks right here below!

Start playing any story

When you start your very first story you will see how the game actually plays out. You are always free to choose, and the very first chapter of any story is free, so you can choose anything that you see fit and which could be according to your taste.

I suggest that you start with something that you normally wouldn’t go for, and play that one story from start to finish without spending your Diamonds, and just by selecting the free option (when there is a premium and a free option).

So therefore start by playing either Vampyra or some other story that you wouldn’t otherwise go for (that is the one I would choose) and play it until the end, without selecting the premium option.

Always play the stories until the end

I suggest that whenever you start a new story, you take your time and play it all the way through the end, because it is better to do that than leave it halfway through and start another one.

This is good because that is the way that you can claim the story completion rewards, so it will be worth it by completing them. If you start a million stories, and never complete them, you will never gather enough Diamonds to unlock the premium options.

Get more Diamonds to unlock premium options

After every time you complete a stage, you will receive a Diamond as reward. This applies after every single chapter, so I definitely suggest that you try and complete as many as possible.

Another thing that you can do once you finish a chapter is watch an ad to get more Diamonds! You can choose to watch a few extra advertisements and claim one Diamond for each and every one of the ads you watch.

If you go for this, you will claim a total of extra 4 Diamonds per chapter, so it is a really good way to build up Diamonds and save them for when you really want to activate the premium options.

If you chose the wrong answer, it might not be too late!

This is a little tips that I have learned the hard way, or so to say – through trial and error. Sometimes you might happen to make the wrong choices and pick something that the characters do not agree with or do not like.

When that happens, you can choose to quickly go back to the menu and when you open the chapter again, it will continue on from the last checkpoint. This mostly works with the options which are not super life changing, so I definitely suggest that you try putting this into practice when you accidentally pick the wrong answer!

It might not always work, but when it does, it will definitely save you from a world of wrong choices and embarrassment!

Maybe start with Recipe of Love

This is one of the easiest series to start with, so I definitely suggest that you try starting with this one, because it is not super crazy and it is also a little fun! When you are making the very first choices, you should definitely select the option to accept the car ride, because you will see that it will turn out to your advantage later on in the game.

Also, every time he will then ask you something, always go for the flirty option, because he will love it. (spoilers ahead: even if he is technically your boss!)

Do not waste Diamonds on changing outfits

This is something that I don’t really think has a really big impact on the game, or at least doesn’t have such as big impact as I would expect it to have. Sometimes changing outfits will require quite a lot of Diamonds, so if you are a f2p player, you shouldn’t really waste them on clothes.

Since various outfits will have different prices, usually the cheapest ones will be towards the left side (the one on the most left will be free), the one in the middle will be averagely priced, and the more expensive outfit will be on the right side.

When you are low on Diamonds, play the two free chapters of any story!

I bet you remember that I mentioned that every time you complete a new story, you will receive some free Diamonds, don’t you?

Well, one thing that you can do if you want to have Diamonds constantly, is to play the stories that you haven’t tried until now. Since each of the stories will give out free Diamonds upon completion, you will be able to save quite a lot by completing many stories and watching ads to get 4 Diamonds from each.

Basically you will need to play 5 separate stories and watch ads for each one of them in order to save 20 Diamonds and unlock one premium option. It’s not that bad if you think about it, considering that each story will let you play the first two chapters for free entirely!

Focus on one main story

You should try to save your hard earned Diamonds on one or maximum two main stories that you will focus on at start, because otherwise you might end up wasting them for options in games which you might not enjoy.

So therefore, try to find a story that you like more than the others and start spending your Diamonds on the right choices there. For example, in the story “Don’t Forget Me” you can try to use the Diamonds to learn more about Jack / Eric, so you will know exactly how to approach him!

Wait for Tickets to accumulate!

Playing each story will consume one Ticket (after you have played the first two free chapters, of course). These Tickets will replenish over time, so if you want to keep playing your stories you will either have to wait and get them for free, or purchase them with real money.

One Ticket will take 4 hours to fill up, so I suggest that you take this time and either play the other series’ free episodes, or simply wait and think about how you would like to approach the next level of the game (or go about your day like normal)!

Play more stories to unlock new ones!

Basically in the list of stories that you can play you will have a few which are not available right away. If you want to unlock these stories, you will need to complete a certain number of stories.

It’s going to be easy, since the free chapters will count towards this too, so if you want to quickly unlock the later stories all you have to do is quickly go through the early stories and soon enough you will unlock all of them! Just be patient!

Sign in to save your progress

If you want to save your game progress on multiple devices or simply want to make sure that you do not lose it in case the game gets an update and more stuff gets added, then you should definitely connect the game to either your Facebook or Google account, because this will be basically your safety card.

When you connect the game to your Google account, you will be able to access it from multiple devices also, if you choose to play from multiple devices!

Always go for the cheesy options in the romance stories

Now in this game this is an option which I have found works the best, because it is basically just a game – right? Well, the choices seem to not have any particularly hidden meanings here, so if you want to flirt with a guy, you should by all means do so.

I think that in this game, especially in the more romantic stories, you should definitely choose the more flirty answers (if they are free and not premium answers), because they will usually not backfire, so it’s very good.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that if the game will tell you that you should’ve done a certain something over another, then maaaaybe that would have been the better option here. Well, you can put into practice what we said above about going back to the main menu and then re-opening the stage. It could work and let you choose again!

These would be all of our Journeys: Interactive Series tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more cool and useful game tips and strategies? Don’t keep them to yourself!

Make sure you leave them down in the comments section below and also let me know – which is your favorite series? I can’t help but say that Recipe of Love is one of the most fun and catchy ones that I played, even if it is the first one.

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Journeys: Interactive Series Cheats: Tips & Guide to Play the Stories & Get More Gems

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