Your journey to catch the sun starts now, and it is going to be one of the most memorable road trips ever! Summer Catchers is a new racing adventure game featuring crisp pixel artwork, a blend of game genres, and a mysterious adventure.

In land covered in perpetual icy darkness, a pair of two adventurers vow to experience summer, so they build a little wooden car that can carry them across the countryside. They even made it modular so that it can be outfitted with different gizmos!

To reach the land of summer, our heroes must travel through a variety of locales, including murky swamps, lost ruins, dense forests, and more. The road ahead is bumpy and full of obstacles, so you will need to change out the car’s gadgets to adapt and overcome. Jump, boost, and brace your way through!

Throughout your adventure across the world, you will come across many different towns full of interesting people. Make friends, help people out, and maybe even discover a little something about yourself.

Summer Catchers is coming to iOS and Android on February 19, 2020 for 3.99 USD.


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