Life isn’t going too well for Oddmar. He’s your every day ordinary viking, but unfortunately Valhalla doesn’t have a place for him. His fellow vikings dismiss him and nothing seems to be going right. One faithful day gives him the opportunity to change his life around, though things are not what they seem…

Oddmar is a bright and vibrant 2D platforming adventure featuring your favorite underdog viking. Join Oddmar as he journeys through the mythical world of vikings to regain his lost honor!

Sporting an extremely stylish and detailed art style, Oddmar’s visuals are out-of-this-world and must be seen to be believed. Taking heavy inspiration from games like Rayman OriginsOddmar features beautiful landscapes, smooth animations and lots and lots of charm and character.

Oddmar is one tough viking! He’ll be able to wield a variety of weapons and shields to help him throughout his journey, and that’s not counting his natural power. Oddmar can wall jump, roll, and dash his way through any dangers. Mastery of his moves will be needed if you want to see the end of this fantastic adventure!

Oddmar is available now on the iOS App Store for $4.99.


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