Jota Abilities Combos and More in Free Fire


Free Fire is one of the most popular and successful free-to-play shooters for mobile devices. There you will be able to participate in exciting Battle Royal matches. The game has a huge amount of different characters with unique skills and strategies. So, you may want to know all these champions and their combinations. This guide will tell you about Jota and his combos of abilities in Free Fire.

Jota in Free Fire

Jota in Free Fire is one of the characters that you can choose. He is very effective with weapons that work well at close range and you may want to equip them when you use this character. His special survival ability is called Sustained Raid and it allows Jota to restore his health when he kills someone with a shotgun or SMG. So, you may want to use these weapons with this character.

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Jota Abilities Combos in Free Fire

In order to create a powerful combo with Jota, you should use his ability to restore his health. Also, your setup should be able to fight aggressively and help Jota to survive and find his enemies. So, we are going to tell you about characters that work well with this champion and help him to defeat all opponents.

The first character we recommend you to choose is Kapella. She is able to heal her teammates and this ability provides Jota with great survivability. If you add any character that is able to heal allies you will be able to make your Jota invincible.

The second character that you should pay attention to is DJ Alok. He is a healer that is able to increase the movement speed of his teammates. So, you will increase Jota’s survivability and mobility.

The last character is Moco. She is able to mark her opponents and make them visible to her teammates. So, she will be a great addition to your team that helps Jota to see the opponents and eliminate them.

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Jota Abilities Combos and More in Free Fire


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