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Jewelry Maker Guide: Tips & Tricks To Becoming an Expert Jeweler

Jewelry Maker Guide: Tips & Tricks To Becoming an Expert Jeweler

You are the boss of your own high-end jewelry shop in Jewelry Maker, a new jewelry crafting game. Look for the correct gemstone, refine it and make it look pretty, and create beautiful rings and accessories out of them! The better your craftsmanship, the more your customers will pay!

In our Jewelry Maker tips and tricks guide, we will run you through making your first set of jewelry, and we will show you how to make it perfect every time. We will also explain the process of earning money and unlocking new materials, so let’s get started with our Jewelry Maker tips and tricks strategy guide to becoming an expert jeweler!

Making your First Ring

Choosing the Correct Gemstone

The first step into making your ring is to find the correct gemstone. Your customers will request a specific kind of gemstone indicated by the color in the info bubble. Use your heavy duty brush to push away the dirt and search for buried gemstones.

Do quick motions to see large portions of the box, and when you have found your target remove all of the surrounding dirt and the gemstone is yours. Just be mindful not to uncover the wrong gemstone – any gemstone that you fully clean will be removed, so while it sounds unheard of, it IS possible to pick up the wrong gem.

Cutting the Gemstone

The second part is to cut and refine the gemstone to the shape the customer wants it. You will start the game only with one shape, but you will quickly unlock more as you level up. Before you start cutting, make sure you choose the right shape from the selection at the bottom of the screen – the one with the customer’s face is the right selection.

To cut the gem, you need to make cutting lines by dragging your finger across the gem. You need to cut the gem so that it fits the white template. You do not need to be super accurate, you just need to be a little close to the outline.

If you have cut enough of the gem to be close enough, a “next” button will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can tap it to automatically complete the rest of the cutting, which is helpful for speeding through orders.

Polishing the Gemstone

Next up is polishing the gemstone and giving it the trademark shine. To do this, you will need to use the scrubber to scrape off the rough exterior of the gemstone. This is probably the easiest step as there really is not a way you can screw this up. Just swipe all over the gemstone until it is completely clean.

Melting the Ingots

Now, it is time to make the actual ring. To do this you will need to melt down ingots of your customer’s choice. Choose your type of ingot from the bottom of the screen, then tap and hold the crucible to start melting. This is easy to do, just make sure that you choose the right ingot.

Forming the Ring

Now you need to fill the ring mold with the melted ingots. Select the ring mold design from the bottom of the screen, then tap and hold to pour until all of the liquid is inside of the mold. Again, you cannot screw this up unless you use the wrong mold.

Selling the Ring

Drag the gemstone onto the ring and it is complete! Now, if you have followed all of the customer’s requests completely, they will buy it at top price.

Getting the Most Profit

As mentioned, the more accurate and precise you are with the ring and the customer’s wishes, the more they will pay for it. During the ring making process, you can look up at the top of the screen to see the five steps. If there is a green checkmark next to a step, that means you did it correctly.

With all five steps done correctly, you should be paid a lot, but it also depends on the kind of materials used. The possible gemstones you can use are quartz (pink), emerald (green), sapphire (blue), oval (purple), ruby (red), and finally diamond (white). You should be making good money no matter what gemstone is used.

What also determines the final price is the ingot you use for the ring and the type of ring mold. The ingots you unlock as you level up are more valuable, but the customers may not always want them, so it is completely up to chance how much money you will make.

Complete the Collection

As you produce rings, they are automatically recorded in your collection book, accessed by tapping the book at the bottom right corner of the screen. The collection book is categorized by eight different sections, with basic collections and collections that focus on a single gemstone.

When you create all six rings in a collection, you will be able to collect a coin bonus at the bottom of the screen. These coin bonuses are usually enough to level you up at least once, so make sure you collect them at your earliest convenience.

Keep Making Rings

That is about all there is to Jewelry Maker. You will continue to make rings until you unlock all of the options of ring making, and then you just have to hope that the customer orders something pricey so that you get a lot of money from it, and in turn leveling you up faster. Just keep on making rings and you will hit maximum level in no time!

That concludes our guide on Jewelry Maker. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Jewelry Maker Guide: Tips & Tricks To Becoming an Expert Jeweler


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