The world of Wildmoon is home to a variety of people and creatures. Before, there was peace, but now the creatures have turned into monsters and now it’s up to you journey through Wildmoon to uncover the mysteries behind the attacks. Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend is a match-3 puzzle game with RPG elements. Choose a starting class and begin your adventure with the help of our Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Take up your weapon, hone your combat skills – or should I say matching skills – and prepare for battle with our Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legends cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.


1. Watch your gem matches to avoid counter attacks!

Just like any other match-3 RPG, you have skills that need to be powered up by matching specific gems before they can be used. However, this goes for your opponent as well; if you look at their skills you can see the gems that can power up their skills. If at all possible, try to avoid matching the gems that’ll work in your enemy’s favor. If you can do this well enough, you can go through an entire fight without a single scratch!

2. Beware the marked gems!

Occasionally the enemy will mark a gem. A specific gem will be highlighted with a red circle, and there will be a number in it. This number is a countdown; everytime you make a match the number will go down by one. If it hits zero, you’ll take massive damage! To avoid this you need to match the marked gem to destroy it. You can also use skills to buy some time, such as the Warrior’s Block skill, which increases the countdown by 3. Each class has their own skills to help with this, so make sure to take advantage!

3. Match 5 for a special gem!

When you match 5 gems, you’ll create a special gem. These gems have different abilities in them that’ll hinder your enemy. The most common one you’re going to see is a white star. This star inflicts a damage over time on the enemy. When this happens, don’t make a move; the star will continue to damage the enemy. If their health is low enough, you might win the battle with it, preserving your own health!

4. Keep your equipment updated!

Your armor and weapon are very vital to your success in battle. If you don’t keep your armor updated, you’ll find yourself losing chunks of your health because of big enemy attacks. If you don’t keep your weapon updated, your battles will drag out much longer leaving more room for error. Don’t worry about amulets though, as you won’t be able to afford one of those bad boys for a long time. They all cost a whopping 50000 gold, so you’re going to want to hold off on them and instead work on getting better weapons and armor.

5. Check out your skill options!

You can buy new skills in the market. Some of them are alternatives to your main skills, and function slightly different. If you tap on the info box a little blurb will come up describing what the skill does. Make sure to go through all of these, especially the tactical skills, as they all help in different ways.

So, bottom line, buy better equipment, don’t match gems that charge up your enemy’s skills, and use your skills in creative ways! If you have any other suggestions or questions, leave a comment below! Until next time!



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