Jetpack Fighter Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Jetpack Fighter is an all-new high-octane speed platformer. Swipe to dash in that direction and slice your enemies into two! Don’t stop swiping and stay on the move to dodge enemy attacks and counter attack with your own super dash! We’ll help you dash through the game with our Jetpack Fighter cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Get all three stars!

In order to get all three stars on a level, you need to complete the following:

  • The first star is given automatically once you complete the level. You don’t have to do anything additional for this one.
  • The second star is given if you defeat all of the enemies in the level. This one should come naturally unless you speed through a level and miss an enemy.
  • The final star is given if you beat the level fast enough. Go quickly through the level but make sure to destroy everything on the way!

2. Bring the right weapon!

Each weapon type inflicts its own kind of damage. For example, swords cause slash damage while knuckles cause crushing damage. Make sure you bring a weapon that is effective against the enemies you’re fighting! Before you start a level, you can see a preview of what to expect. If you tap an enemy icon and hold, you’ll see their detailed stats, including what type of damage they’re weak to. Knowledge is power!

3. Flawless victory!

If you manage to complete a level without taking a single point of damage, you’ll earn a no damage bonus at the end. This will grant you 100% more points to your final score, which is awesome for nailing those best scores! If high scores don’t mean anything to you, however, then don’t worry about this too much.

4. Try Endless mode!

Looking for character disks? Endless mode is the only way to get them aside from opening chests and claiming log-in bonuses. Endless mode is, well, an endless gauntlet full of deadly traps and enemies! Precision strikes and careful flying are key here, as the enemies and traps get tougher and tougher the further you get. Of course, the better the rewards are the longer you last. Endless mode is unlocked after you clear level 10, so give it a go!

5. Unlock as many fighters as you can!

Even if you’re not interested in playing as any of the new fighters, you should try to unlock as many as you can. Each fighter possesses a “team bonus” which is active at all times regardless of whether or not you’re playing as them. These passive team bonuses grant extra health, attack, defense, and the like. With each fighter you unlock, your whole team gets stronger so be on the look out for those character disks!

That’s all for Jetpack Fighter. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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Jetpack Fighter Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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