Just like the rest of the world, I got addicted to Jelly Splash, a brilliant and extremely fun puzzle game that can also prove to be extremely difficult to beat (there are some levels that we had a really tough time completing). But we are here to share with you a complete set of Jelly Spash cheats, tips and tricks to help you beat each level and get as close as possible to getting that 3 star high score (although it’s really important just to complete the levels in some cases!)

So without further ado, let’s check out the Jelly Splash tips and tricks below:

Add friends
It might sound strange to start with this tip, but you will need the help of your friends to proceed to new areas after level 43, so you need to add friends in order to keep playing. So make sure you add them early on in order to keep playing without any major interruptions. Also, friends can give you extra lives, so it’s always worth having as many as possible.

Start matches at the bottom
Unless you really have to remove mushrooms or slime guards at the top of the board, it’s a great idea to try and match jellies at the bottom because as new jellies will refill the board, new matches will be made and more will be cleared. This is a good strategy especially when you have boards with dark jellies at the top and bottom: focus at the bottom and you will most likely complete the top as you go.

Always go for long matches
Try to match as many jellies as possible to increase the chances of getting special jellies and to increase the score you receive per jelly cleared. Sometimes, a bit of planning will do wonders to your high score: clear jellies of a single color first then create a humongous line of jellies.

Use the special jellies to your advantage
The nice thing about super jellies is that they clear an entire row where you complete your move, so play a little bit with the positioning and order of clearing the jellies to make sure you put them to great use.

How to easily free captured jellies
I have had major headaches from a level that had me free a jelly in just a few moves but eventually I made it, after finding out that special jellies, if their ray hits the jelly you have to free, will count as 5 jellies. So keep that in mind, create the chains and blast them through the jelly you have to free. I managed to complete that level without spending coins on it, so it is possible!

Always maximize the number of jellies on board
Some stages will have mushrooms that block the way and give you empty squares. Try to remove the mushrooms as fast as possible to fill the board: the more jellies you have, the more possible combinations you have and bigger chances for those huge chains!

Optimize for as few moves as possible
One of my mistakes early on was to drag completing the level because I thought that my long chains give me more points than what I would get from the Splash Bonuses. This is generally not true and it’s always better score-wise to complete a level with as many moves left as possible.

Plan your moves
I know it’s pretty difficult to have a long term strategy per level and anticipate the drops, but it doesn’t hurt to have a plan and not start matching up jellies as you see them. Take a few seconds to check out the board, make a plan and try to stick to it. If you play the game randomly, you will most likely fail a lot more often than others.

What other tips and tricks would you share with fellow Jelly Splash players? Let us know by commenting bellow!


  1. It’s level 40 where you must solicit help from FB Friends in order to continue. Since I have only 2 out of a few hundred friends interested in playing Jelly Splash, I’m going to have to quit the game and remove it. What a terrible strategy on the game developer’s part. No thank you.

          • You don’t use them to buy anything. Once you’ve earned a certain amount of the stars a new level opens. And I’m on level 438 and have never asked a friend to help on fb or otherwise. I do however use YouTube to see how others have beat certain levels. I’ve never bought anything either though I’ll win the freebies by watching an ad video on occasion. I love this game. It only take moments to play so it doesn’t suck up my precious time but I do get a minute to veg. Have fun!

          • Jenna….have you continued past 438? Im stuck on 505 and cant figure out how to get rid of these brown boxes. Any help would be appreciated. Im not sure why they wouldnt give a quick tutorial on this as they have when ither new things pop up as we move through the levels. Thanks for your help!

    • II am in the same position, hate this ask friend thingy, haven’t played jelly splash for nearly 5 months because none of my friends play….silly system…think of something else jelly splash inventors. And I keep getting texts to ask why I’m not playing. Well it is your fault….silly system. Help help

    • Reinstall the game. I deleted for that reason + addiction Just reinstalled and it’s all changed now. After all those articles bout people goin nuts game request notifications!

    • The stars work as points to get through the next “world” if you can get perfect through all of you levels or close to then you get more stars and then you move on I think after three days or something. I have zero friends and I think I’m at level 3 or 4 hundred and something. (I got this game like 3 years ago too) if you’re playing on the app there are various play options I guess during the week, bonus stars helped me big time for getting more stars. I would go back to the levels that I only got one star and get three. The ancient tower helps you get more coins, if you’re able to access it. This shows up like once a week for me. I’m not sure if it’s once you get to a certain level or not. There’s a wheel now too that if you spin it you can get up to 30 mins infinity play. So I’ll try that if I’m ever stuck somewhere.
      Also, when you go back and get more stars when you’re further in the game you’ll find those levels super easy.
      All I wanted to learn today was how to break some stupid rocks but there’s nothing here on that.
      Keep playing it’s a fun game.

    • I have never asked friends for help. When that comes up as a “challenge”, like clearing a certain # of mushrooms or # of a certain color, in order to get a free bonus, I change the challenge.

      Hit the “i” in the circle ⭕️ (info, I’m guessing) & the game will give you the option to change it, granted- you have to wait again for the next challenge, but it’s better than having a challenge you’ll never do.

      Hope that helps or reaches you to give it a chance.

  2. I totally agree. Since I am not on any social media and don’t intend to be I guess I am SOL and will also quit the game. No thank you from me too.

  3. I cannot pass level it show s green or blue in the cheats but I have trouble with the purple jelly. I have tried so many ways but nothing works. Some people have pass level 40 but they cannot remember when or how. I hope that you can help me.

  4. I’m past level 40 , it took about 7 days! Having trouble with level 43, I’m not on face book and not interested
    In joining, so as others have mentioned will have to quit, which is a shame.

  5. REALLY fun and addicting game but it takes WAY TOO LONG TO acquire lives and way too fast to lose them…I can only play for 1 or 2 Times a day with work and sometimes it goes very quickly. Not find of the fact that all my friends are pre-checked. Keeps me from inviting more friends and soliciting help from them when i have to uncheck all the others. Please change the default.

  6. I cannot find a way to get thru level 40. I get all the little jellies but that big has got me stumped. Hope someone can tell me how to do it. Thanks ahead of time.

  7. soooo stupid i had friends that played but now they deleted the app because you have to ask for help to pass levels how annoying please fix before we all give up

  8. Is there anyway if just asking your friends who play to help you ihave completed 40 but when i ask for help it selects everyone in my list and people are getting fed up with me asking?

  9. I have passed level 40 and now need the 3 keys to continue. None of my mail or messages will show up so i can not collect my keys or exrea lives that my friends have sent me. i get notifications saying i have jelly splash requests and mail, and my friends have confirmed that they have sent me keys and lives. yet my mailbox says i have nothing. someone please help!

  10. What is the goal of level 43 ?. Get rid of all the mushrooms ? Get rid of the jellies enclosed in the grey jelly jail Or just the slime that keeps multiplying ? I paid $1.99 to keep going…….horribly addicting.

  11. Very good game on the principle, but… This facebook stuff is a nightmare. I did not want to sign up, so that I need to reach a certain number of stars for going up. I’m bloacked at level 100 with 5 missing stars and it becomes so hard to collect these.
    And BTW, once connected to facebook, it looks like it’s impossible to unconnect. :-(
    Also annoying… Rules are not clear enough. Level 28: when you have diamonds blocked, there is no apparent defined rule to unblock them…

  12. all I have to say is yes this game is extremely addicting. but I am very much stock and have been for about a week now on level 70. what I’ve read so far hopefully that will help me figure out and get past level 70 lol. I did not read all the comments but I can tell you I figured out that if you take all the same color to 7 is when you get your special guy.

    • I FINALLY passed this level by utilizing all the color splashes I had left, and the super jellies will eliminate more of the captured jellies if they cross them. I also used the +3 moves so I would be sure to pass it. Hope this helps.

  13. A tip that will massively help all the jelly squish addicts, if you are playing from an ipad or a smartphone and run out of lives, simply go into your date and time settings, set it a day ahead go back into jelly squish, and voila, full lives. Reset the date back and you still have full lives. Thus infinite lives :) HAPPY SQUISHING

  14. The best way to clear the captured jellies is to concentrate on bringing as many same coloured jellies as the captured ones, to the captured ones to make chains. To win these levels you just need to clear all the captured jellies.

    To pass key levels, I just paid the coins. I tried going back and earning more stars, but this took forever, and I still didn’t get there. Eventually I gave in and paid!

    Although skill is required to pass each level, Ive found that how the jellies are set out and fall plays a big part. So no matter how good you are, Some goes at the same level are harder than others.

    I hope this was helpful! Now Im stuck on level 80! LOL!

  15. I am at lec el 120. I completed that one & now just trying to get enough stars to get to the next level. Last time I had to do thisI paid the coins to get there faster. Now that I don’t want to pay the coins again it Is taking me to get enough to open it. Since I have to accumulate all the stars I would have needed for the last gate. One hibt I can give is go back to the 1st level (where it is easier to complete) & work your way up till you have enough to open the gate. It can be done w/o Facebook since my friends won’t play this one & others hate getting game requests, I don’t post anything on Facebook with this game. Good luck!

  16. i have bought coins 3 times so it would splash so I could go to next level.but it still will not let me. How do I use coins to get automatically go to next level.

  17. Hope this helps all,
    You don’t HAVE to ask your Facebook friends,. What I do is skip for the 70 coins. I stack my coins from watching the ads for the free gift.

  18. Jelly splash keeps loading than goes back to the original home screen. I cleared the cache, still same thing. Any sugestions. I’m going crazy. Got up to level 312 n this started. What the heck, this isn’t the first time this happened to me. Looking for help

  19. what does it mean to collect three jellies of the same color group. I cannot figure out how to do that.This is at 132. Also what does a person do with the stars??

  20. I am on level 154, find 5 jelly groups of same color. I can’t figure it out. How many jellies ! Any color, or all the colors ?? Anyone know rules of this color combination game ?

    • Hey Poryia, Look at top left screen you will see any one color jelly and in that you will see number, you need to do is connect that colors jelly’s whatever the number is. For example: you see red jelly and number is 8, so you have to connect 8 red jelly’s. once its done, you will see next color.

  21. I never bother my friends. When Jelly Splash stops working, just play other games until JS responds again. Usually, it takes just an hour or so, sometimes a day or two. There is nothing wrong with their making money, but they do allow it to be played for free in Facebook.

  22. To All MY JellySplash Frends players. MORNING/ Afternoon to EVERBUDDY IM IN DIEING Need of MOBILE FREE game REDEEM CODES FOR THE game Jelly Splash game. IF Eney One or Eney Buddy can trule can help me out Thank you

  23. I’m on level 575 and am finding it impossible to get even one star, therefore impossible to move on. The two outside grey areas left and right, one third of the way down, once zapped do NOT fill up with jellies so you’re always left with these two grey squares even though your score is way over the three star mark. Has anyone else found this and, if so, have you found a solution please??


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