Ittle Dew is an icredibly fun game and a worth addition to the ever growing iOS library. The game has been heavily inspired by the Legend Of Zelda and doesn’t really break new ground but it’s still fun.

Ittle Dew features the same top down view of older The Legend Of Zelda games, with a gameplay experience focused on battling enemies with the available weapons and solve quite a bit of puzzles.

Pretty much everything in the game is a puzzle, boss battles included. The puzzles are nothing complicated but are though enough that you will feel a sense of accomplishment when being able to solve them without any help.

Together with the main quest, players are also able to take on and complete some optional objectives during the course of the game. Just like in Zelda game, you will only be able to increase your total health by collecting all the pieces of paper scattered all over the game’s world.

Finding some of them can be quite complicated and this is why we will tell you where to find all of them!

  • Piece Of Paper Locations
  1. Castle (2nd Floor) – South-east –
  2. Toasty Cave – Last room – Fire Sword required
  3. Cave in Western Island – Fire Sword required
  4. Warped Woods – Last room – Portal Wand required
  5. Cave in Eastern Island – Portal Wand required
  6. Castle (2nd Floor) – East – Fire Sword & Portal Wand required
  7. Castle (1st Floor) – West – Fire Sword & Portal Wand required
  8. Castle (2nd Floor) – South-west – Fire Sword & Portal Wand required
  9. That Cold Place – Last room – Ice Wand required
  10. Cave in Swamp – Ice Wand required
  11. Castle (1st Floor) – South-west – Fire Sword, Ice Wand, & Portal Wand required
  12. Castle (1st Floor) – North-east – Fire Sword, Ice Wand, & Portal Wand required

Another optional quest will make you roam the game’s world to collect cards. This is absolutely optional and will bring you no benefit for the rest of the game. Still, some gamers are completionists and want and feel everything the game has to offer. For this reason, we will tell you where to find all the 26 cards of the game.

  • Cards Location
  1. Ittle Dew – Master Cave – 1st Floor
  2. Tippsie – Master Cave – 1st Floor
  3. Jenny Rich Monsteur (Frog) – Castle (1st Floor) – South-east
  4. Jenny Rich Monsteur (Fox) – Castle (1st Floor) – East
  5. Jenny Rich Monsteur Card (Berry) – Castle (1st Floor) – West
  6. Jenny Rich Monsteur (Bun) – Cave in Western Island
  7. Titan de Graphiques – Castle (2nd Floor) – North
  8. Turnip – Castle (2nd Floor) – West
  9. Pancake – Castle (1st Floor) – North-east
  10. Brutus – Castle (1st Floor) – Center
  11. Old Man – Cave in Eastern Island
  12. Incredibly Ugly Statue – Cave in Swamp
  13. Fishbun – Cave in Western Island
  14. Flopflop – Cave in Eastern Island
  15. Volcano Express – Cave in Western Island
  16. Petal Slug – Cave in Eastern Island
  17. Chilly Roger – Cave in Swamp
  18. Lean Boo – Cave in Swamp
  19. Crystal – Castle (2nd Floor) – East
  20. Gate – Castle (1st Floor) – West
  21. Masked Ruby – Cave in Western Island
  22. Jenny Rich Monsteur (Deer) – Cave in Eastern Island
  23. The Lichious Turnip – Cave in Swamp
  24. Itan Carver – Master Cave – 2nd Floor
  25. Ultra Fishbunjin 3000  -Master Cave – 1st Floor
  26. Apathetic Frog – Tutorial Cave

Ittle Dew is now available for purchase on the App Store.


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