Fans of extravagant armour, fantasy questing, and in-depth PVP battles are in for a treat, as MU Origin’s expansive update 1.7 makes its way to mobile devices from today – Introducing never-before-seen server modes, in-game events, and game-changing systems.

Ideal for players that have a hankering for PVP vastness is MU Origin’s new all-server Battlefield of Heroes event. Challenging players to compete in colossal 50 v 50 battles, the new content rewards those able to defeat foes, mine instrumental items, and hunt down bosses. Still fully-realised in full 3D visuals despite the number of players, Battlefield of Heroes is open every Tuesday and Friday from 21:00-22:25 Server Time.


Also keeping warriors on their toes is Battle Core, a new daily event that tasks players of equal strength to compete in a race against time, with the side that reaches 1,000 points the quickest being awarded victory. There will also be plenty of handsome rewards for those who succeed in cutting down their competition, with bags of EXP, fame points, and achievements on offer.

Also adding a much-appreciated sense of depth is the slew of new gameplay-enhancing systems, the most prominent of which being Soul Stone. The Soul Stone system lets players apply elemental stats to any chosen character – a first for MU Origin. If you really want to buff out your character, you can give yourself even more options by combining stones – who knows what powers they may hold!

With the release of the new update, publisher Webzen is organizing in-game special events to celebrate, so if you fancy the chance of grabbing some the free gifts and login rewards, update your MU Origin app either on iOS or Android today.



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