Isolani is a brand new first person shooter by DeNa and even though we know that the recipe for a perfect shooter hasn’t been found yet on mobile devices, this one is a pretty good game and we’re still having a great time playing it. But we’re not here to praise the game for it’s obvious high quality, we’re here to check out some Isolani cheats and tips that will hopefully help you destroy all those drones and make it as fun as possible.

So let’s get started with some Isolani tips and strategy discussions!


1. Since Isolani is a pretty minimalist game, you won’t have too much to do in the game except from shooting down the drones. There are no hidden doors, collectibles or anything similar, so always make it your main focus to acquire the target and bring it down as fast as possible. Consider the game a “race against the clock” and do your best to finish as fast as possible.

2. Take down all robots from a distance. Even though you’re racing to finish the level faster, it’s usually a better idea to take the enemies out from far away. Some of them won’t even notice you before you take them down and the others will have really bad aiming from a distance. Now all you have to work on is your own aiming skill!

3. Complete the challenges for some little extras. Even though the game itself is a race against the clock, some levels have some challenges for you. Simply check out the challenges menus and see where you will have to keep your eyes open. The requirements for completing these challenges are not marked and you have to do some exploring to complete them.

4. Adjust the sensibility to suit your playing style: do it in the settings menu and make sure you get the best for your skills.

5. Replay levels as they give you extra in-game money. The money can be used to purchase better weapons, and the better your weapons, the greater your chances to get farther in the game. Plus, the new episodes will surely be a lot more challenging than what we have now, so stacking up a nice money pile is a good idea.

6. How to buy new weapons? Well, simply tap the weapon shown as the weapon of choice before starting a new mission, and from there you can select your new weapon for purchase.

7. Keep the auto fire mode on. This is one of the reasons why shooters on mobiles don’t work so well, but it’s a necessary evil if you don’t want to have a really tough time playing the game. Auto fire is activated by default as the only way to shoot (which means that you will automatically shoot as soon as you target a robot) and it’s the easiest way to go through the game!

And these would be our tips and tricks for Isolani right now. If you have other strategies to share with us to improve your game, let us know by commenting below.



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