Little Luna and her friends lived their carefree lives out on a peaceful island, until one day an evil dragon kidnaps her Dad. Determined to find him, Luna sets out on a journey that will take her across the entire ocean, and she must conquer each island one by one in Island King!

Island King is a luck-based PvP game where you will earn coins by spinning a wheel and spending them to build your islands. Other players can attack and steal your coins though, so you must stay vigilant! Our Island King tips and tricks guide will focus on keeping your islands safe while also making progress towards rescuing Luna’s Dad. Let’s get started with our Island King cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to conquering islands!

Start your journey to becoming the Island King!

Welcome to Island King! In order to help out Luna, you must move from island to island restoring the powers that be to find your way to the dragon that kidnapped her father. To do so, you simply need to spend the coins to restore the people, animals, and the environment back to their former glory.

To do this, simply tap on the hammer while looking at your island to enter your build menu. There are five buildings on each island: nature, a boat, a person, a structure, and an animal of some sort. Each building has five levels, and you must have all five structures maxed out in order to become the Island King.

Spin the wheel of fortune!

To earn coins, you must spin the magical wheel by swiping to the right. Tap the button to expend some green energy to test your luck and spin the wheel! You can either get some coins, the opportunity to attack other players, assist other players, shield yourself, or steal from other players.

The core gameplay loop is to go back to the wheel when you have energy – it regenerates on its own over time – and earn as much coins as you can, then upgrade your structures as much as possible.

Spend your coins as fast as you can!

As you learned in the tutorial, there can only be one Island King so every player is going to fighting for the crown. Real players will attempt to steal from you every so often, so be careful and ensure that you have at least one shield active.

If you manage to get a shield from the wheel, it will protect you for a certain number of hits. We know you cannot really get a shield on purpose, but if think you are going to be sitting on a lot of coins for a while, try to have at least one shield active.

If another player does attack you and you do not have a shield, they will damage one of your structures and steal some gold. It is quite heartbreaking to say the least, but you can mitigate some of the damage by NEVER logging off the game with a sizable stash of coins.

Spend as much of your coins as possible if you are going to be away from the game for a while. That way you do not lose as many coins and it is not as detrimental as losing a huge amount of coins.

Collect rewards from the King Pass!

Every time you attack, steal, or assist another player, you will earn king runes. These spiral shaped rocks are collected into your King Pass, a sort of season pass kind of deal. You can collect rewards for upgrading your King Pass which is done by doing any of the aforementioned actions.

When you collect enough king runes, your King Pass will be upgraded and the rewards will be claimable. The rewards range from energy to coins, so it is useful to have around. Be sure to check it every now and then and collect your rewards.

Break eggs for rewards!

Similarly to the King Pass, every time you attack, assist, or steal from another player you will earn hammers. When you have enough hammers, you can play the egg smashing minigame, where you get to push your luck to see how many coins and energy you can collect!

The Smash Eggs minigame plays out in 21 rounds. Every round you are presented with four eggs, and you must choose one of them to smash. Three of the eggs contain a random amount of energy potions and coins, while one egg has a Prankster who will immediately end your run and make your forfeit all of your collected earnings.

Every sixth round is a bonus round meaning there is no Prankster, so you can take solace in that. Remember that you lose EVERYTHING if you find the Prankster, so if you have gotten kind of far and you have a sizable stash of rewards, it may be better to just quit while you are ahead.

Use scratch cards for big rewards!

Every time you attack, steal, or land on a lucky space on the wheel (seeing a pattern here?), you will earn scratch tickets. If you collect enough – around 55 tickets – you will earn a scratch card.

Scratch cards are basically like the lotto! Scratch off the six spots on the card and see if any of your numbers match with the winning numbers. If you have a match, you will earn the reward that is listed on the number.

Also, depending on your luck, you may have a bonus multiplier in effect. If you get a winning number with the multiplier in effect, that reward is multiplied by whatever number is on the bonus!

You can earn a lot of spin energy and coins using the scratch cards, so be sure to check in every now and then for more rewards.

Use pets to your advantage!

You will unlock your first pet once you have finished enough islands. Pets are cute and cuddly little buddies that can provide you with bonus effects for certain events. The first pet you get is Detective Octopus, and he can pick out the Cash King for you during the lucky events!

Whenever a pet uses their special ability, their mana must recharge before it can be used it again. Your training pool has three slots, and any pet in the pool recovers 5 mana per hour. You need a full mana bar to perform the skill.

The other pets are as follows:

Defense Turtle acts like a shield and can protect you from players attacks. However, do note that he has a chance to fail. Upgrade him to improve his odds!

Powerful Shark will net you extra coins whenever you attack another player. Upgrade him to improve the coin bonus!

Starfish can repair your damaged buildings automatically, but this is not guaranteed. Upgrade him to increase the probability of repair!

Electric Eel can bypass player’s shields, making them vulnerable to attack no matter what. This is a guaranteed skill and it is one of the best!

Upgrading/unlocking new pets requires you to find pet pieces, and you can get them from special limited time events.

Refill your spin energy and keep on spinning!

If you have not caught on by now, every time you interact with another player in Island King you are given some sort of auxiliary currency that lets you play a minigame that always refills your energy in some way.

Whether you are getting lucky with the scratch cards, choosing the right eggs in Egg Smash, or claiming some rewards from the King Pass, there is usually some sort of fallback for when you eventually run out of spin energy.

The best way to play Island King is to always keep on spinning. As long as you are constantly spinning, you are getting more shields to fend off other players and more coins so that you can advance through the islands.

That’s all for Island King! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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    • They are used in WC…check it out you can ask for fruit puzzle pieces cards and hopefully someone will help you out with them or you can ask for help in defeated Paul. You can make friends & chat with people all over the world

  1. 1) Village still damaged after I had 3 shields: How was it damaged? By the mana Pets?
    2) How do we get a warrant ticket? I have none.
    3) In the attack mode: how can we tell who are our friends? I can only see their names and sometimes which tribes they are in.
    – I do see the friends and tribe section, but when you are in the attack or revenge mode—I can’t tell who are my friends.
    4) why do a lot of players have the name master in front of their number? Does it mean something?
    5) How do we active the mana? Just tap on the pet when the circle is full? How long it last? When should I use it?
    6) How can you tell who are the chiefs in each tribe? Do they have a gold circle around their names?
    7) What does it mean the the name in the world chat is red?

    I am new to this game and I’ve already have 5 enemies who just keeps attacking me. Lol.

    Please respond. Thank you.

    • if someone has the pet eel the eel breaks your shield and damages your buildings
      warrant tickets can be got in chests or in king pass
      click friends when in attack mode master in front of there names means that they are not playing through Facebook
      when you g3t steal or attack if you click the circle before picking island or building in bottom left corner it will find the cash king or hit the building Evan if shield is activated
      when you go in tribe look at the people in the tribe the chief is the team leader the person who made the tribe the red writing could be a chief texting I’m not sure on that one

    • You climb the plant by not only spinning, but also by helping your teammates and checking in regularly. Encourage your teammates to use the ASK button as much as possible during their game play time for cards, toys, treasures, puzzle pieces, fruit, etc. When team members help each other, the plant grows! The more you help, the more you help others yourself!

    • King pass has an icon at the top left side of your game screen. It has 2 separate columns. On one side are FREE REWARDS. As you play throughout the month you can go to King Pass and collect those free rewards. On the other side are rewards you can pay for. Pull up the King Pass Icon, tap ACTIVATE and then purchase. Keep in mind that these rewards are good for an entire month so if you use them up within a few days, you will have to wait until the next month to purchase another month’s KING PASS. You can save your rewards and collect them as needed throughout the month for a better result!

  2. I am had a question just wondering if anyone knew if there was a rule or not, I am in a team and the leader has 5+ accounts, does anyone know if that is even allowed?

    • Chloe, as far as I know you are not limited to how many accounts you can have at one time. I play Island King and Coin Master and most everyone that I know has more than one account. This way when they don’t have spins on one account they can always play on another account.

  3. If you want to change the name on your Island King game account you can log in through Facebook. Your name should be changed to the name on your Facebook account.


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