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Is Welt Good in Honkai Star Rail?

Is Welt Good in Honkai Star Rail?
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Welt, the dimension-hopping mysterious enigma originating from Honkai Impact 3rd, makes his debut in Honkai Star Rail. We are not entirely sure how the universes are connected nor how he even got here, but what we do know is that he is quite the powerhouse. We are here to answer the question: Is Welt good in Honaki Star Rail?

How good is Welt in Honkai Star Rail?

Welt is a 5-star Imaginary type character who walks the path of the Nihility. Before we evaluate how strong he is, let us go over his kit.

Welt’s skill, Edge of the Void, attacks a random enemy three times, dealing light Imaginary damage. There is a 66% chance any of the three attacks reduces the target’s SPD by 10% for two turns.

Welt’s talent, Edge Companion, causes enemies to take increased Imaginary damage if they are slowed. This talent makes Welt a decent damage dealer, since his skills have a good chance of slowing enemies.

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Welt’s ultimate, Synthetic Black Hole, deals moderate Imaginary damage to all enemies. Regardless of the enemy breaking or not, Synthetic Black Hole inflicts Imprisonment, which reduces SPD by 10% and delays actions by 32%.

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Welt is the master of delaying enemy turns. Synthetic Black Hole can really screw up the enemy turn order, making him extremely useful at buying more time for your team.

The crazy thing about Synthetic Black Hole is that the Imaginary Weakness Break also inflicts Imprisonment, and it seems to stack with Synthetic Black Hole’s Imprisonment, which can lead to some massive enemy delays!

As of writing, Welt is the only available character who belongs to the Imaginary element, which already gives him a very big advantage in terms of type coverage.

We have to say that overall, Welt is a very good character. His skills make him a decent damage dealer, but his true strength lies in his ability to substantially delay enemy turns. Of course, his usefulness will be reevaluated once more Imaginary type characters are released. What do you think of Welt? Let us know in the comments below.

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Is Welt Good in Honkai Star Rail?


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