Home Game Guides Is TS Rubber Good in Fruit Battlegrounds? – Answered

Is TS Rubber Good in Fruit Battlegrounds? – Answered

Is TS Rubber Good in Fruit Battlegrounds? – Answered
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Phoenix, Dragon, Magma… Fruit Battlegrounds has no lack of amazing fruits that will help you against even the strongest of foes. Yes, there is Rubber fruit as well, which is kind of middle-of-the-road regarding its power, but is it the same with the upgraded version called TS Rubber (or Time Skip Rubber)?

Considering that this fruit has extremely low spin chances of only 0.06% (or 0.12% during 2x Luck), the question of whether TS Rubber is good in Fruit Battlegrounds and worth the hype is completely valid. In this article, we bring you all the answers.

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Is TS Rubber Good in Fruit Battlegrounds?

Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds
Image by P O P O

In our opinion, yes, TS Rubber is not only good but one of the best fruits currently available in Fruit Battlegrounds. No wonder it tops many a tier list of fruits in this popular Roblox game.

It features the moves that Luffy from One Piece learned during the time skip—therefore, the name—and it also brings some powerful combos that can get you from a noob to a pro in no time.

Here are the base form moves that make TS Rubber so great:

  • Jet Pistol: 70 Damage at max level
  • Jet Gatling: 165 Damage
  • Red Hawk: 95 Damage
  • Grizzly Magnum: 130 Damage

After the Gear 4th transformation, TS Rubber moves become even better:

  • Kong Gun: 80 Damage
  • Culverin: 180 Damage
  • Kong Gatling: 180 Damage
  • King Kong Gun: 250 Damage
  • Elastic Propulsion

If you want to utilize the power of TS Rubber fully, you can rely on this powerful combo: start off with Jet Pistol, then use Jet Gatling, then Jet Pistol again. Continue with Red Hawk as you go down, and finish everything off with Grizzly Magnum.

In case you’re lucky enough to pull TS Rubber fruit, go for it—you won’t regret it. For more useful guides and help in this Roblox experience, check out our dedicated Fruit Battlegrounds section on TouchTapPlay.

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Is TS Rubber Good in Fruit Battlegrounds? – Answered


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