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Best Ways to Level up Quickly in Fruit Battlegrounds – Roblox

Best Ways to Level up Quickly in Fruit Battlegrounds – Roblox

One of the central problems of most Roblox games is that they require endless grinding of different resources and EXP to progress. Unfortunately, some video games have no alternative to classic grinding. Read this guide to learn the best ways to level up quickly in Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds. 

How to Level Up in Fruit Battlegrounds

You need to spend much time increasing your level, even using the fastest way to level up. Below, we listed some of the best ways to increase your level in Fruit Battlegrounds.

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Train With Dummies

The best way to increase your level is to use skills against Respawn Dummies. Dummies allow you to spam your abilities and get EXP for using them. The best thing about Dummies is that they spawn as soon as you destroy them. You can level up in spite of your skill and in-game experience.

Fight Enemies

If you find practicing with Dummies boring, fighting with real players is an alternative option to level up. If you use this way, your farm will significantly depend on your experience.

The more players you take down, the more levels you earn. So, if you are a skilled player confident in your power, feel free to replace Dummies with real players. It will bring you much more experience.  

If you want to increase your level faster than others, there is 2x EXP BattlePass. It costs only 500 Robux but significantly increases the EXP gain. If you do not mind spending real money on the game, be sure that this BattlePass is one of the best investments you can make into Fruit Battlegrounds.

That’s it with the best ways to level up in Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds. As you can see, avoiding spending your time on the game is impossible if you want to level up quickly. But you can significantly improve EXP farm by purchasing 2x EXP BattlePass. Also, we have a guide on how to play PLS Donate on Roblox 2023, make sure to check it out!

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Best Ways to Level up Quickly in Fruit Battlegrounds – Roblox


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