Is There an Ending Point in Subway Surfers? – Answered 

Subway Surfers characters

Most people consider Subway Surfers an endless game. The same thing is with Minecraft, which has a huge world. However, it consists of only 30 million blocks. So, are there such limits in Subway Surfers? Read the guide and you will find out the answer.

Ending Point in Subway Surfers

As in any 32-bit game, there is a maximum number of 2 147 483 647. After you reach this level, points stop accumulating and start reversing back down to zero, and then negative 2 billion points. 

Theoretically, this cycle could be repeated an infinite amount of times. In practice, there is a limit of 50 cycles. So, it will take 32 years running at maximum speed to reach it. After that, your character will fall underground and will be running through the new world, where he can not die. And people checked this limit by hacking a program code on the PC version of the game.

As a result, there is an assumption that in the latest version of the mobile Subway Surfers there is another point limit to make the game more comfortable. However, nobody knows.

That is all about the points limit in the Subway Surfers. Hope you consider this guide interesting.

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Is There an Ending Point in Subway Surfers? – Answered 


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