Home Game Guides Is There a Cockpit View in Kerbal Space Program 2? Answered

Is There a Cockpit View in Kerbal Space Program 2? Answered

Is There a Cockpit View in Kerbal Space Program 2? Answered
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If you fell in love with the complex rocket-building and flying experience that was Kerbal Space Program, you must be excited about the early-access launch of Kerbal Space Program 2 on PC.

The updated game features a lot of improvements in terms of graphics, soundtrack, onboarding of your little Kerbals, user interface, and more, while it adds new and exciting opportunities for interstellar travel to previously unseen celestial bodies rendered in more realistic details.

The sequel stays true to the first part’s basic gameplay mechanics and objectives (despite some performance issues), but many fans are wondering—is there a cockpit view in Kerbal Space Program 2? After all, you probably want full immersion while exploring the galaxy. This guide brings you all the answers.

Is There a Cockpit View in Kerbal Space Program 2?

Early access for Kerbal Space Program 2 arrived on February 24, 2023, for PC players. Even though the game is not complete yet, the lack of one of the major features is more than evident at this stage.

Unfortunately, Kerbal Space Program 2 still doesn’t have a cockpit view, which comes as a disappointment for numerous fans who got to Reddit and Steam Community to express their disbelief. After you spend ages building your space program and finally performing a successful launch, you should be rewarded with a gorgeous first-person view of Kerbal from orbit, but that is not the case.

Still, we should point out again that early access means the game is far from finished. The first game also went through a long period of adding new features from 2013, when it enabled early access on Steam, until 2015 when it got out of beta.

Therefore, fingers crossed that the developers notice players’ feedback and include a cockpit view as soon as possible in the next update. In the meantime, you can check out all the major differences between Kerbal Space Program 1 and 2 here on TouchTapPlay.

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Is There a Cockpit View in Kerbal Space Program 2? Answered


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