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How to fix performance issues for Kerbal Space Program 2

How to fix performance issues for Kerbal Space Program 2
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As with many other games it is imperative to have high performance and decent FPS with Kerbal Space Program 2. Any issues that may occur should be easily fixed by following any of the tips below.

Our guide below will help you find out how to fix performance issues for Kerbal Space Program 2.

Boosting Performance for Kerbal Space Program 2

A few changes here and there should make a huge difference to the performance of your favorite space fight sim game KSP2. First up we will look at lagging and frame rate drops.

Low FPS can occur for a few reasons including poor graphics card and driver, interference from background services, not meeting the system requirements, or other unsuitable settings.

  • First restart your PC before troubleshooting the next few steps
  • Check your PC meets the system requirements for KSP2
  • Disable background services such as any firewall and antivirus
  • Go to Power Settings and enable high-performance mode

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If these simple steps do not make any difference to your performance check out more complex fixes below.

Kerbal Space Program 2

Update the Graphics Card

  • Open Start Menu
  • Go to Device Manager
  • Click on Display Adapters
  • Right click on your graphics card and then click Update

Quit All Background Applications and Programs

  • Go to Task Manager > Processes > End Task
  • Ensure all unnecessary things are closed to free up any CPU

Disable In-Game Overlay

  • Open the Steam
  • Open Settings
  • Click In-Game
  • Ensure the Enable Steam Overlay while in-game box is unticked
  • Click OK

Enable Game Mode

  • Open Windows Settings
  • Turn on Game Mode
  • Click Gaming > Game Mode

Check GPU Driver

  • Open Device Manager
  • Right-click on the graphics driver
  • Go to Properties
  • Click Driver > Roll Back Driver
  • Follow prompts
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Kerbal Space Program 2

Disable Vertical Sync

  • Open control panel for graphics card you are using
  • Go to Manage 3D settings
  • Turn off Vertical Sync

Repair KSP2 Game Files

  • Open Steam
  • Right click on KSP2 > Properties
  • Go to Local Files
  • Click Verify integrity of game files
  • Complete process

Any one of those tips should fix the performance issue. If it persists, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics card, reinstalling the game entirely, or playing with lower settings. For more Kerbal Space Program 2 visit our guide section.

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How to fix performance issues for Kerbal Space Program 2


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