Is The Callisto Protocol Related to Dead Space? Answered

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The Calisto Protocol is a game that recreates the bloody horrors of Dead Space but with a gratifyingly gruesome story where you get to play as Jason Lee and must try to escape from a facility that’s overrun by lunatics.

Everything is thick and gross in a palpable way that makes the game’s graphics and visuals look ultra-realistic. After chaos breaks out and monsters start roaming the halls, it’s up to you to explore this new world and find a way to survive its dangers. However, is The Callisto Protocol related to Dead Space? Let’s answer that!

Is The Callisto Protocol Related to Dead Space? Answered

Since both games are from the intriguing mind of Glen Schofield, a lot of players are wondering if The Callisto Protocol is somehow related to Dead Space or if they’ll be any sort of crossover that gives out a sign of both games taking place in the same universe.


And although they both come from Schofield and share a ton of similarities, The Callisto Protocol and Dead Space are completely two different games that take place in two different universes. The Callisto Protocol also allows Schofield to stretch his legs and try out new things that simply weren’t possible in the previous generation of titles.


With that said, both games still get compared a lot due to the tiny amount of Easter eggs that are found in both games. And in much of the promotional material around The Callisto Protocol, players will see it referenced as the “next generation” of survival horror.

This means that both Schofield and Krafton aim to spearhead the next evolution of survival horror with The Callisto Protocol over the original Dead Space series. And with the fact that Schofield is now working with behemoth developers like Krafton, he’s in a good spot to create something truly remarkable.

The Callisto Protocol is currently available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

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Is The Callisto Protocol Related to Dead Space? Answered


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