Is Shwarzwalder Cookie Good in Cookie Run Kingdom? – Answered


Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the best mobile RPGs and it has a huge list of characters you can play. Also, the project receives lots of content updates that bring more playable Cookies. Today we are going to talk about an interesting character that you may want to add to your team. This guide will tell you if Shwarzwalder Cookie is good in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Who Is Shwarzwalder Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

There are many different Cookies you can play in this game and one of the newest ones is named Shwarzwalder. This character is also known as Choco Werehound Brute and he seems to be a powerful tank. He wears a giant hammer and belongs to the Charge type. So, you may want to put such a cool-looking character in your frontline and today we are going to tell you about Shwarzwalder’s performance in this game.

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Is Shwarzwalder Cookie Good in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Shwarzwalder is a big beast-like fighter that has quite an interesting skill. It is called Choco Chip Hammer and has lots of different effects. The ability deals a huge amount of damage to your enemies, debuffs them, and buffs the user. The coolest part of this skill is that it deals 200% bonus damage to the opponents that were hit by it before. This thing stacks up to 3 times and it makes Shwaezwalder extremely powerful in long fights.

According to the latest reports, it seems that Shwarzwalder is a tough tank that deals a huge amount of damage. Currently, it is one of the best options in both PvP and PvE. So, we highly recommend you use this character if you search for a decent frontliner.

There are many different Cookies you can collect in this game and we will be glad if our guides help you to learn new information about them. Good luck with your further battles in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

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Is Shwarzwalder Cookie Good in Cookie Run Kingdom? – Answered


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