Is Roblox Adding VOice chat features
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The widely popular online game platform and game creation system, Roblox is reportedly adding the voice chat feature. With an announcement of the new Roblox voice chat feature with no extensive details, the Roblox community were in a disarray. In the wake of that, there are a few common questions that every Roblox user has – Is Roblox really adding a voice chat feature?. The second most asked question is – when will Roblox voice chat feature launch?.

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Coming to the first question – Is Roblox really adding a voice chat feature?. The answer to this question is Yes. Roblox is adding a voice chat feature. In fact, the new feature was already in development since 2019, as files related to it were found in Roblox application that suggested a full fledged voice chat system was in works.

Reportedly, the Roblox Corporation have made changes to these voice chat feature files in the past years. And, that further, proves that, the Roblox voice feature is still in the works and the company is serious about it.

According to Comicbook, “Roblox Corporation hasn’t said much about the feature beyond confirming it and providing an update on its implementation with investors.”

Roblox Release Dates

Now, that we know that the Roblox voice feature is in development. Let us talk about its official release.

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At the time of writing, there is no news on when the Roblox voice chat feature will make its official release. But, with the Roblox community’s response to the voice chat feature. One thing we can say is that – the road to the Roblox voice chat feature release is full of hurdles, as not every fan is excited about this new feature.

While many of the Roblox fans are excited about the new voice chat feature, there are some who don’t like the idea. Roblox Corporation did mention that they are adding “safe” voice chat to the Roblox platform. But, with the current situation where big corporation have control over user data, the players concerns are somewhat acceptable.

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In the past we have seen, how much of a controversy PlayStation’s party chat changes did create. Will Roblox voice chat feature will get a similar response upon its release? Tell us down in the comments.

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