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Is Ragnarok Origin Pay to Win?

Is Ragnarok Origin Pay to Win?
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Microtransactions in games are the reality, whether we like it or not. This is the case, especially in mobile gaming or games that rely on gacha systems in general, where you draw high-quality heroes and gear by spending various types of in-game currency. While the game in question usually gives you some opportunities to earn that currency as you play, sooner or later, you will be pushed to buy more by spending real-life money.

So, what about Ragnarok Origin? Is it pay to win? Let’s explore the answers below!

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Do You Need to Pay to Win in Ragnarok Origin?

The answer to this question is a bit ambiguous. You technically don’t need to spend any money to enjoy the game. The story and all other gameplay elements are available to any player who doesn’t want to spend real cash. However, Ragnarok Origin offers a bunch of useful items, like armor pieces or weapons, that you need to purchase. Since these items can bring significant stat buffs and other perks, we could say that paying for them gives you an advantage.

RO Shop in Ragnarok Origin
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The players who don’t mind spending some money on high-quality gear can clear out mobs faster and level up sooner leaving those who don’t want to spend cash behind. On the other hand, this can be just a temporary setback for non-paying gamers. Ragnarok Origin allows you to get to the same level without spending an arm and a leg—it’s just a matter of time. You can gain enough in-game currency to purchase the items that you want, but you will have to grind much more. For example, if you’re having trouble defeating an elite monster, you might finally get over that hurdle in a week or two after you find ways to better your equipment while the paying player can purchase better gear and slay the same monster right away.

Therefore, to conclude, Ragnarok Origin is not a pay-to-win game in the sense that some parts of the game are behind a paywall. We think that it is best to consider it a pay-to-accelerate game. You can stick to grinding and slowly progressing or you can take shortcuts by spending your hard-earned cash—the choice is always yours.

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Is Ragnarok Origin Pay to Win?