Home Game Guides Is Princess Connect Re: Dive Shutting Down?

Is Princess Connect Re: Dive Shutting Down?

Is Princess Connect Re: Dive Shutting Down?

For over two years, fans have enjoyed getting to know the characters of Princess Connect Re: Dive. We’ve followed the stories of these girls and gone on unforgettable adventures together. There was no enemy or hurdle too big for us to face even in the face of doom. Unfortunately, our journey will come to an end on April 30th when the global version of Princess Connect Re: Dive closes down permanently.

On March 30th, the game’s Twitter page announced it would be ending service for the game by the end of the month. While it is unfortunate, this month-long grace period will allow players to wrap up things and say goodbye. In the meantime, here is everything you need to know about Princess Connect closing down.

When Does Princess Connect Re: Dive Lose Access?

Hatsune from Princess Connect

The shut down means that you will not be able to access anything in the game after April 30th. If you attempt to login after that, you will most likely get an error message.

Is The Japanese Version Of Princess Connect Shutting Down?

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There’s good news for people who want to keep playing. The Japanese version of the game is still thriving, pertaining that you can find a way to play it. Applications like Bluestacks or QooApp will most likely have it available.

Princess Connect And Crunchyroll Games

In truth, we don’t know why the game is being pulled. This typically happens because revenue is down, and it isn’t fiscally logical to run it anymore. Another reason this is happening could be disagreements between the developer and publisher.

Tweets about Princess Connects shut down

When the shutdown was announced, many people took to social media to criticize the global publisher Crunchyroll Games for the move. They were quick to point out their poor track record of localizing games, something people voiced when the launch was first announced. Players were concerned about if Crunchyroll Games would live up to its reputation and doom the game from the beginning. Fortunately, nothing controversial of that context occurred and we were able to enjoy the game to its fullest.

The news is a bummer, but you still have some time to enjoy the game while it’s here. In fact, it’s currently running the Four Farming Warriors event, so go check it out and savor your last days with Princess Connect Re: Dive.

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Is Princess Connect Re: Dive Shutting Down?


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