Home Game Guides Is Minecraft Pocket Edition Bedrock or Java? Answered

Is Minecraft Pocket Edition Bedrock or Java? Answered

Is Minecraft Pocket Edition Bedrock or Java? Answered

Starting from a small indie game to a pop phenomenon, Minecraft has gone through a big journey and has become one of the most popular games globally. Its availability on various platforms is among the main reasons behind Minecraft’s success.

In its early days, Minecraft did not have different editions. The game was first developed in the Java programming language. But as this language was not supported in other devices or failed to provide performance, developers decided to create separate editions for different editions.

For mobile devices, Mojang created Minecraft Pocket Edition using C++ language. Many players wonder whether the Pocket Edition is Bedrock or Java Edition. This article answers which edition is Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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What is Minecraft Pocket Edition: Bedrock or Java?

Pocket Edition is a discontinued version of Minecraft first released in 2011. It was available for Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows 10 phones, and other mobile devices.

Mojang turned Pocket Edition into Bedrock Edition to improve cross-compatibility between different devices. To answer your question, Minecraft Pocket Edition is Bedrock Edition. Though Pocket Edition has been discontinued, many players still call Minecraft Bedrock for mobile Pocket Edition.

What’s the difference between Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition?

Now that you know Minecraft in all mobile devices is Bedrock Edition, you might wonder what’s the difference between Java and Bedrock Edition. The good news is that the general gameplay is the same on both editions.

However, that’s only on the surface level. As players progress through the survival game, they will notice differences in technical features. Redstone contraptions and farms do not work the same way in both editions. If you are on mobile, check tutorials for Bedrock Edition, as Java variants may not work correctly.

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Is Minecraft Pocket Edition Bedrock or Java? Answered


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