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Is Lethal Company a Horror Game? – Everything You Need to Know

Is Lethal Company a Horror Game? – Everything You Need to Know
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If you hang out on gaming websites, you’ve probably seen a clip or two of Lethal Company, a co-op indie game that seems to be both hilarious and terrifying. So, what is Lethal Company, exactly? Is it a horror game, or something else? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Lethal Company?

Lethal Company is a new co-op game from indie developer Zeekerss. At the time of writing, the game is playable only on PC, and you can buy it through Steam for 9.99 USD. The game is best described as a first-person exploration roguelike experience.

In Lethal Company, players have freshly recruited contractors for a mysterious organization known simply as the “Company”. Your duty is to travel to moons that were once used for industrialization and recover any valuable scrap you may find inside the many abandoned facilities.

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Teams are comprised of up to four players. Once everyone is settled in, the players choose a moon to explore. The outdoor areas are static and have few points of interest—the real treasures lie within the abandoned facilities, which are randomly generated on the spot.

At the start of a new run, players have three days to meet their profit quota. Players must scavenge for scraps left behind, but although no humans are left in these facilities, they’ve since been taken over by a variety of creatures, some of which won’t hesitate to attack you on sight.

Environmental dangers are played realistically, as it only takes a few injuries for a player to go down. Teamwork is practically required if you want to get enough scrap while surviving long enough to even get a chance to sell it!

Is Lethal Company considered a horror game?

Although it’s often filled with wacky and chaotic moments, especially if you’re playing with friends, Lethal Company can absolutely be considered a horror game. Not to mention, the Steam store page description flat-out refers to it as a co-op horror game.

As you trek into the abandoned buildings on the various moons, you’ll encounter pitch-black hallways, treacherous walkways that are falling apart, and aggressive creatures that oftentimes have nightmarish appearances.

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To make matters worse, your character is very fragile, and the few weapons in the game usually only work on the lesser threats, so you are highly encouraged to rely on your wits and cunning to survive. Sounds a lot like other popular first-person horror adventures, like The Outlast Trials and Phasmophobia, doesn’t it?

Not just that, but the game doesn’t even have to rely on creatures to make the experience tense. The game has excellent sound design, and combine that with its naturally low-resolution look, and you’ve got a recipe for some really spooky situations.

Imagine exploring a hallway covered in steam, completely fogging up your view. You turn the corner and finally find the valve to close off the steam, only to hear something stomping around in the distance. Then, your flashlight dies, and you hear the stomping getting closer…

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Scenarios like these are pretty common in Lethal Company, so if you love horror games, you’ll fit right in here. Of course, the atmosphere changes when you’re playing with friends, and funny shenanigans are bound to happen. Still, that’s part of the experience, and the game highly recommends you use the in-game voice chat for the most immersion.

With randomly generated maps, dimly lit environments, and optionally some buddies running around causing mayhem, Lethal Company is a fantastic time for those looking for a spooky fun time. Check out our Lethal Company section for more coverage of the game.

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Is Lethal Company a Horror Game? – Everything You Need to Know