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10 Games To Play If You Love Phasmophobia

10 Games To Play If You Love Phasmophobia
via Kinetic Games
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Phasmophobia is a co-op horror investigation game from Kinetic Games where players work together to figure out what creature is lurking in the dark. Using all sorts of tools and cursed items, players can interact with the ghost and deduct the answer from clues they gather. Phasmophobia has been an increasingly popular game since its release in 2020, and fans of the game and of ghost hunting still play today. Check out our guide below on 10 games to play if you love Phasmophobia.

Games You Will Love if You Play Phasmophobia

The following list be exactly like the multiplayer horror co-op but will share one or two aspects that players should enjoy. Some are multiplayer, while others you can play solo… If you dare.

phasmophobia game play
Phasmophobia Gameplay (via Kinetic Games)

Of course, as Phasmophobia is a horror game, it is rated 17+ in most app stores so the games we are suggesting below are also unsuitable for any person under the age of 17. We have included a mix of mobile games you can play via IOS or Android, as well as some exclusive to console or PC. Check them out below and let us know what you think!

10. Best for Scares – GTFO

GTFO is a horror survival game and first-person shooter from 10 Chambers. You play as one of four scavengers trying to strategise and survive as you fight off horrific monsters underground. If you like tense and scary gameplay, then this is perfect for you. Purchase and download on Steam now.

GTFO gameplay
GTFO gameplay (via 10 Chambers)

9. Best for Horror – Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game from Behaviour Interactive where 4 Survivors are pitted against 1 Killer. Players can play as one of the team of Survivors or solo as Killer. The game includes iconic characters from well-known franchises which horror fans will love. Download on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Steam, or play Dead By Daylight Mobile on IOS, or Android now.

Dead By Daylight gameplay (via BHVR)

8. Best for Creepy Gameplay – Sign of Silence

This is another 4-player co-op game released in 2020. Sign of Silence is from Renderise and has been described as an atmospheric multiplayer action-horror game, where players must work together to try to escape the forest haunted by inexplicable things. Find it to purchase on Steam.

sign of silence game
Sign of Silence (via Renderise)

7. Best for Paranormal Investigation – Pacify

Pacify is from SKH Apps and is an indie-horror where players run for their lives in a creepy old house. Players can go solo in single player mode, play in a co-op, and even play PvP. Figure out how to pacify the evil little girl haunting the location and find a way to complete the missions! Purchase on Steam now.

pacify gameplay
Pacify gameplay (via SKH Apps)

6. Best for Exploring Creepy Places – Death Park: Scary Clown Horror

As the title suggests, Death Park: Scary Clown Horror from Euphoria Games is not for the faint-hearted. Explore an abandoned amusement park while a freaky clown is chasing you! Solve puzzles and search for items to use as you escape the killer clown. Download it for free on IOS and Android now.

death park clown
Death Park gameplay (via Euphoria Games)

5. Best for Storyline – Detention

This is a horror game to reach for if you need a bit more of a story as you play. Detention is a 2D side-scroller horror adventure from Red Candle Games. Players enter a school haunted by a supernatural evil and uncover stories as they play. Download it on Android, Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Steam now.

Detention gameplay (via Red Candle Games)

4. Best for Survival – Case: Animatronics

Much like Five Nights At Freddy’s this is a game from Walnut LLC is about escaping scary animatronics. In Case: Animatronics, the creepy robots hunt you down as you try to find your way out of your environment and solve puzzles along the way. The scariest game of hide and seek ever. Download it now on Android, IOS, and Steam.

case animatronics
Case: Animatronics (via Walnut LLC)

3. Best for Online Mobile Survival – Horror Show

Horror Show is a multiplayer survival horror game from Azur Interactive Games Ltd. Players get to choose either to fight and survive or hunt down victims as the killer, a bit like Dead By Daylight. Team up and figure out a way to escape, or play as the serial killer for a bit of a slasher movie vibe. Download it on IOS and Android now.

Horror Show gameplay (via Azur Interactive Games Ltd.)

2. Best for Multiplayer – Secret Neighbour: Hello Neighbour Multiplayer

Dynamic Pixels bring us another in the Hello Neighbour series, but this time with a twist. Figure out as a team how to sneak around collecting keys to rescue the friend in the basement, but be careful – one of you is the neighbour in disguise! Download Secret Neighbour on IOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, and Steam now.

secret neighbour
Secret Neighbour (via Dynamic Pixels)

1. Best for Solving a Mystery – The Blackout Club

This is a first-person co-op horror game from Question LLC. The Blackout Club sees players play as a group of teenagers investigating the secret of their small town. Use clever tactics to overcome problems and uncover the conspiracy of the tunnels and the bizarre sleepy town. Download it now on Xbox, Playstation, and Steam.

blackout club
The Blackout Club gameplay (via Question LLC)

Those are all of our suggestions of horror games you will like if you love Phasmophobia. If you have any other suggestions do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

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10 Games To Play If You Love Phasmophobia


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