Is Kirby’s Return To Dream Land Single Or Multiplayer? – Answered

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The supreme being of pink and squish has returned for another journey. Join Kirby and his friends as they help their companion Magolor find all the parts to his ship so that he can get home safely. However, there’s more than that to the story. Originally released on the Wii, this game is a remake of the original. It follows the same plot and basics as the original, but with many new added features that greatly improve on the original. The important question here is, can the game be enjoyed as a single or multiplayer. Is Kirby’s Return To Dream Land single or multiplayer?

The Best Mode For The Game

Kirby with a pan.

The game actually has both modes. If you play it with friends, they can choose a popular Kirby character to play as such as King Dedede, Metaknight, or Waddle Dee. Since there’s a good number of characters to pick from, it’s actually a perfect platformer to enjoy with friends. However, is the game better suited for multiplayer over single player despite there being both?

Why It’s Fun In Single Player Mode

With the game’s mechanics and Kirby’s penchant for lore, the answer goes both ways here. The game has a complex written out story than goes far beyond what you expect, so it’s very enjoyable for a single player. If you didn’t play the original and enjoy Kirby games on their own, you should play this first by yourself to experience the story of Kirby and Magolor. Some games are impossible to enjoy single player, but that definitely isn’t the case here.

Other Good Kirby Games

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If you feel unsure about the style of Kirby’s Return To Dream Land, other Kirby games you can try that are also single player friendly include the recent Kirby And The Forgotten Land as well as Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. For people looking for a more concrete multiplayer option, consider looking into Kirby’s Dream Buffet.

All in all, Kirby’s Return To Dream Land is enjoyable as both a single and multiplayer game. To check out an awesome remake, play Kirby’s Return To Dream Land today on the Nintendo Switch!

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Is Kirby’s Return To Dream Land Single Or Multiplayer? – Answered


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