Is it Worth Buying Kingdom Pass in Cookie Run: Kingdom?


Are you fond of playing Cookie Run: Kingdom? Then, most likely, you are curious about whether it is a good idea to purchase Kingdom Pass in the game?

We need to mention that there are multiple missions in the game that the players need to complete. The completion of each of them will give some amount of Kingdom EXP and Mission Points used to advance in level.

Once a player gets a chance to advance in the level, they will claim some reward for themselves. The thirtieth level is the maximum one. So, in case one gets some Mission Points above this, they all will be converted into coins.

So, if you want to know whether a Kingdom Pass is worth buying, we highly recommend keeping reading as we have prepared a guide comprehensively covering this info.

Kingdom Pass in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Is It Worth Being Bought?

Seasonally, you will get a chance to gain access to the Pass. Usually, this happens during the seasons of Kingdom Arena. The period lasts about four weeks.

Still, there is a chance to buy it in the game. This way, you will get multiple additional benefits, an exclusive landmark, and the 2nd reward per level with those offered to all the players.

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If there is a chance for you to afford to purchase Kingdom Pass, we recommend doing that. It can be of enormous help to become the first compared to all the other players. Still, this purchase cannot be considered a must to play the game.

Now you know that Kingdom Pass is worth buying if you have a chance. Enjoy playing!

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Is it Worth Buying Kingdom Pass in Cookie Run: Kingdom?


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