Home Game Guides Is Fire Emblem Engage Ending Bad? – Ending Explained

Is Fire Emblem Engage Ending Bad? – Ending Explained

Is Fire Emblem Engage Ending Bad? – Ending Explained

Fire Emblem Engage is the newest entry in the popular Fire Emblem franchise that’s set to provide players with a similar experience to Fire Emblem Three House which was launched way back in 2019.

There are many role-playing strategy games on the Nintendo Switch and the Fire Emblem franchise is one of the leading strategy titles due to its wide range of characters. However, the game isn’t exactly known to feature multiple endings, which makes many players wonder if Fire Emblem Engage Ending is bad. So let’s talk about that.

Is Fire Emblem Engage Ending Bad? – Ending Explained

As aforesaid, Fire Emblem Engage does not have multiple endings but there are a couple of entries in the series like Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem: Three Houses which in fact have multiple endings depending on your choices and actions throughout the respective games.

When it comes to endings, a lot of JRPGs have a little extra to add and spice things up. This can range from different situations for certain characters or even lead to a completely new scenario in the game’s narrative closure. For JRPGs, we’ve come across dubbed Good Endings, True Endings and even Bad Endings.

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So for Fire Emblem Engage, there’s a bad ending that players will experience at the end of the game. However, this ending isn’t exactly obtained in the typical fashion and many players might’ve even come across it unknowingly.

To reach the Bad Ending in Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll have to allow the protagonist Alear to lose the final fight and refrain from using the Draconian Time Crystal. The loss will bring up a special cutscene rather than the usual Game Over screen, leading you to the game’s bad ending.

This cutscene will show Sombron greeting Alear after their mysterious awakening and informing them that everyone they love is dead as a result of their failure to complete the quest. The scene shows that Alear and their sister Veyle are now a part of Sombreon’s army and have been corrupted by the Fell Dragon’s influence.

And although it’s a pretty dark ending that shows Alear in despair, you can easily avoid it by winning the final battle instead and experiencing the game’s Good Ending.

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Is Fire Emblem Engage Ending Bad? – Ending Explained


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