Is Diablo Immortal End-Game Good? – Answered


Diablo Immortal is a new mobile RPG that allows you to create a character and fight against demons. The game belongs to the popular Diablo franchise which is known for its end-game content. Usually, Diablo games provide you with an opportunity to farm lots of legendary items and fight against tough opponents in the end-game.

However, it seems that some players complain about the new game’s end-game content. So, in this article, we are going to tell you about the end-game in Diablo Immortal and its problems.

Is Diablo Immortal End-Game Good or Bad?

Diablo Immortal is an RPG where you have to create a character that belongs to one of a few classes and fight against hordes of demons, monsters, and other evil creatures. The game has a huge amount of opponents that you will need to defeat and some of them are really tough. You will be able to unlock new difficulty levels when you beat the final boss.

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Usually, Diablo games allow players to get a huge amount of valuable loot on the highest difficulty level. Diablo Immortal should be able to keep this tendency but it seems that there are some issues with the end-game content and lots of players complain about them.

Some Reddit users commented that the game is not rewarding enough. They are unable to get legendary loot after dozens of runs. Also, there are some problems with the dungeon system that doesn’t allow you to enter a dungeon alone. If you want to go to a certain dungeon on the Hell difficulty mode you will have to bring a couple of teammates.

Final Thoughts on Diablo Immortal and Its End-Game Content

Diablo Immortal is a great RPG for mobile devices and it allows you to participate in different activities. It seems that this product is not for everybody and those who prefer to spend all their time on hardcore grind may be disappointed with the lack of content in the end-game.

However, if you are a player who doesn’t have a huge amount of free time to spend on this game then it is unlikely that you will be able to feel this issue. Also, the developers will update this game with new content in future updates and we will try to keep you informed about them. So, you could check our website for guides on Diablo Immortal and other role-playing games.

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Is Diablo Immortal End-Game Good? – Answered


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