Is Dead By Daylight Cross Progression? – Answered

Dead by Daylight 6.1.0

Ever since its release in 2016, Behaviour Interactive’s popular survival horror Dead by Daylight has grown massively in the video games industry and has become one of the most played multiplayer horror titles.

The developers have also introduced a ton of events as well as new killers and survivors from Attack on Titan and borrowed some of Resident Evil’s villains like Albert Wesker. Despite its many features and captivating gameplay, is Dead by Daylight cross-progression? We’ll be answering this in this article.

Is Dead By Daylight Cross Progression? – Answered

First off, due to the nature of the game and the difficulty of the gameplay that requires players to survive through the night, one would simply assume that Dead by Daylight has cross-progression and allow players to bring their game saves anywhere and play anytime.

However, Dead by Daylight does not really have cross-progression on standard consoles and PC. The game only supports cross-progression between Google’s Stadia (which is now a discontinued service) and Steam.

The developers have been pretty discreet in releasing information regarding the implementation of cross-progression in Dead by Daylight for the console and PC. And although they did assure players that a cross-progression feature is being worked on, there’s not been any official release date from them ever since.

And since the Stadia is no longer an active platform, it’s safe to say that Valve’s Steam is the only platform that allows players to transfer their Dead by Daylight data to another yet-to-be-known platform using their Behaviour account which will transfer all levels, unlockables, perks and even DLC purchases to the new account/platform.

Players expect that Behaviour Interactive will bring a cross-progression feature to Dead by Daylight on various platforms including the Nintendo Switch version of the game. We continue to await the developers’ official word on the implementation of cross-progression for Dead by Daylight.

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Is Dead By Daylight Cross Progression? – Answered


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