Is Cocoa Cookie Good in Cookie Run: Kingdom? Answered

is cocoa cookie good in cookie run kingdom

The latest update of Cookie Run: Kingdom has introduced the cute Cocoa Cookie into the kingdom. She came into the game as a part of the second half of the “Frost Witch and the Lantern in the Snow” update.

Cocoa Cookie has an adorable marshmallow hat, a warm white outfit, and a large red mug of hot cocoa. She can be seen sipping cocoa all the time. While her appearance is cute and her skills seem to be cool, you might be wondering – will she make a good addition to my team?

It’s time to find that out!

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Cocoa Cookie Base Stats and Details

Cocoa Cookie is an Epic Cookie from the Defense Class. So this Cookie will be shielding your squad and taking damage from the enemies. By default, her position is decked at the front.

is cocoa cookie in cookie run kingdom good?
Cocoa Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
  • Cooldown – 15 seconds
  • Single hit DMG – 41.7% (+0.57% per level)
  • Healing – 42.8% of ATK
  • Stun immunity – 8 seconds

Her special skill is ‘Cocoa is Love’ wherein she spins around in a giant mug of cocoa. While spinning, she attacks enemies, restores HP for the squad, and also makes the allies immune to stun. HP is not restored for the summoned creatures like Pompon.

With her regular attack, Cocoa Cookie can restore HP for three Cookies in the team that have the lowest HP. The best topping for Cocoa Cookie will be Swift Chocolate and Solid Almond. But feel free to experiment with the toppings.

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Is Cocoa Cookie worth the unlocking?

Cocoa Cookie is a rather unique Defense Cookie. Unlike other Cookies in her class, Cocoa Cookie heals her team with her attack. Even her regular attack will heal three Cookies on your team.

However, note that Cocoa Cookie does not really attack the enemies. It knocks them back and deals little damage. You can use the Cookie in the World Exploration and maybe Tower of Sweet Chaos. For Arena battles, this Cookie may not be suitable.

How to Unlock Cocoa Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

cocoa cookie in cookie run kingdom
Cocoa Cookie Featured gacha probability

Cocoa Cookie can be unlocked from the Featured Cookie gacha and the regular gacha as well. However, if you are aiming for Cocoa Cookie, then it makes sense to draw from the Featured gacha.

You have a 1.440% chance of getting the Cookie and an 8.200% chance of drawing the soulstone. from the Featured gacha. In case you want to draw from the regular gacha, you have a 0.078% chance of getting the cookie and a 0.443% chance of getting the soulstone.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is available on Google Play and App Store.

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Is Cocoa Cookie Good in Cookie Run: Kingdom? Answered


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